wikileaks: how sexual harassment happen

The Wikileaks situation is getting out of hand. (See: Wikileak: US Diplomatic Cables Leak) In the past week, they got kicked out by amazon hosting, then paypal, then Mastercard, and Vista card, and the a Swiss bank closed their account. Due to gonvernment's political pressure, mostly from US government. Here's a detailed timeline of the attacks:

  • 〈Wikileaks under attack: the definitive timeline〉 (2010-12-16) By Charles Arthur. At: Source

You can still donate, here:

Also, you can help hosting the site, here: There are currently over 1k mirror sites already.

I think Google and Free Software Foundation should step up to make a gesture for hosting.

The severity of this government and big org censorship, is kinda a revolution material. We, the people, should stand up against them.

Julian Assange Raped Women?

〈The Wikileaks sex files: How two one-night stands sparked a worldwide hunt for Julian Assange〉 (2010-12-07) By Richard Pendlebury. Source

Summary of the article: When Julian was visiting Stockholm, Sweden, two women admirers sought him out. (we'll call them Jessica and Sarah) Sarah offered her apartment for him to stay. Both had sex with him. Sarah created a party at her house the next morning for him. Jessica had a second sex the morning after. Few days later, the two women met, knew that each slept with him, then they started to visit police. The main accuser Jessica, wanted to know if there's a way to force Julian to take a HIV test, because no condom was used in their second sex. LOL.

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