PC vendors market share

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PC Vendors Market Share

Xah Lee, 2010-02-01

Lenovo, 4th largest seller of personal computers in the world. Bought IBM's ThinkPad. Chinese government owns about 27% of Lenovo.

Acer Inc., world's 2nd largest PC seller. (after HP but ahead of Dell). Owns Gateway and eMachines.

Preliminary Worldwide PC Vendor Unit Shipment Estimates for 4Q09 (Thousands of Units)
Company4Q09 Shipments4Q09 Market Share (%)4Q08 Shipments4Q08 Market Share (%)4Q09-4Q08 Growth (%)
Dell Inc.10,397.111.59,839.313.35.7

Note: Data includes desk-based PCs, mobile PCs and X86 servers. Source: Gartner (January 2010)

PC Seller market share: Source.

My brother just bought a Acer all-in-one Z5600. (See: Acer Aspire Z5600 Review (2010-01-28), By Ewdison Source) Multi-touch screen. 1920 x 1080 screen pixels. Intel Core2 Quad Processor Q8200S. 4GM RAM. 1TB hard disk. Integrated Intel GMA X4500H graphics chip. Acer home page spec at: Source.

District 9 Movie Review

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District 9


Watched movie District 9. Fantastic. Much better than Avatar. Both movies are science fiction. Both involve aliens. Both have mechs. Both involves human animals as a group needing to deal and interact with alien animal. However, the Avatar is the most stereotypical Hollywood brainlessness. No intelligence, no artistry, no content, but plenty of big expensive explosions. The District 9, is just the opposite in every way. The aliens there are quite novel, and i really loved them. They have distinct, idiosyncratic, character. The mecha is also quite interesting, far more so than the one in Avatar. The alien mecha, somehow is integrated biologically with the aliens, and would puke, and when it being shot, hurts the alien inside too. Quite novel and fun to watch. The effect is so well done. The overall movie content, makes you think, about deep ugly human nature, african history, history of race treatment. The only negative part about District 9, i would say, is that the beginning 30 min is quite boring.

I'd give this movie a 9.

District 9 Official Trailer 2

death of Encarta

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Death Of Encarta

Xah Lee, 2010-02-11

Just learned today that Microsoft's encyclopedia, Encarta, is dead. Microsoft announced its demise in 2009. The announcement at Microsoft site is already a dead link. You can see second hand reports, e.g. at: arstechnica.com.

This is surprising because even just a few years ago, in the mid 2000s, Encarta and Britanica both belittle Wikipedia, and started to have public editing to their encyclopedias to compete with the annoying Wikipedia.

In hindsight, death of Encarta is written on the wall of course. Whatever quality and expert material in Encarta, the Wikipedia fuckheads will grab the gist, reword it, and it becomes part of Wikipedia with a citation link. That is the nature of the internet, and there is no copyright on knowledge. The death of Encarta does not mean Wikipedia won. If something won, it is the communication technology revolution, the digital age, the info age.

Although i haven't seen formal reports or studies, but today, the info on internet probably surpassed the info in world's brick-and-mortar libraries combined (counting only modern texts of the past 2 hundred years, not counting acient texts or artifacts). Note that Google, Amazon, Microsoft all have major projects that digitize books. (See: Google books, Digital library)

Some tech geeking idiots may sigh, about how quality expert info is replaced by the bloggy internet. Note that it is not that quality info or experts are gone. It's just that they switched to a media that is far more efficient and effective in distributing info. For example, say the various esoteric math fields of the esoteric mathematicians. In the past, they publish thru esoteric printed journals and write articles for Britanica. Today, if you want to see the handful of the world's top mathematician's thoughts and opinions or their research findings, you go to their home pages or blogs, which contain info that's too slow to be published in print. Esoteric math printed journals are still around, but their days are numbered.

(Note that the Wikipedia article on Encarta was largely written by me in its early days. It is when, the Wikipedia fuckheads, all they have to say on Encarta was that Microsoft sucks blood and it is lousy in comparsion to Wikipedia. See my first edit, of 2003-11 here: Source)

It is interesting to see when Britanica will quit.

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millions dead today

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Congo War

Xah Lee, 2010-02-10

Today, The New York Times has this piece: The World Capital of Killing (2010-02-06), By Nicholas D. Kristof. Source. Quote:

It's easy to wonder how world leaders, journalists, religious figures and ordinary citizens looked the other way while six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. And it's even easier to assume that we'd do better.

But so far the brutal war here in eastern Congo has not only lasted longer than the Holocaust but also appears to have claimed more lives. A peer- reviewed study put the Congo war's death toll at 5.4 million as of April 2007 and rising at 45,000 a month. That would leave the total today, after a dozen years, at 6.9 million

Reading Wikipedia Second Congo War. Quotes:

... By 2008 the war and its aftermath had killed 5.4 million people, mostly from disease and starvation,[4] making the Second Congo War the deadliest conflict worldwide since World War II.[5] Millions more were displaced from their homes or sought asylum in neighboring countries.[6]

Despite a formal end to the war in July 2003 and an agreement by the former belligerents to create a government of national unity, 1,000 people died daily in 2004 from easily preventable cases of malnutrition and disease.[7]


In eastern Congo, the prevalence and intensity of rape and other sexual violence is described as the worst in the world.[16] In October 2004 the human rights group Amnesty International reported that 40,000 cases of rape had been reported over the previous six years, the majority occurring in South Kivu. This is an incomplete count as the humanitarian and international organizations compiling the figures do not have access to much of the conflict area and only women who have reported for treatment are included. The actual number of women raped is thus assumed to be much higher. All armed forces in the conflict are guilty of rape, though the militia and various insurgent groups have been most culpable.[17] Of particular medical concern is the abnormally high proportion of women suffering vaginal fistulae, usually as a result of being gang raped. The nature of rape in the conflict has, beyond the physical and psychological trauma to the individual women, contributed to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, in the region.

The USA's military expenditure is almost the rest of the world combined. The USA Americans see ourselfs as the world leader, and “peace keeping” here and there, and “War On Terror”, but it doesn't seem to have a hand in stopping the Congo War. If you survey university professors across US, i doubt half of them are aware of the Cong War situation. (See: Futuristic Calamity) They say today the world is a small world, a global villege, due to the incredible advancement of communication technologies. For things you are interested, sure, you can just about know it all, regardless where it is in the world. However, for things you don't have a personal interest, you are likely not to have heard about it.

Also note, those fat and rich people in USA (e.g. PETA), who got nothing to do, spend their energy on “Animal Rights” this and that, thinking themselves as ethical gods. Isn't there something wrong when this man made mega deaths are almost unknown, while most Americans have heard of the concern of the death of chickens? With regards to ethics, what are the priorities?

Also note, that we see this count of deaths in millions, or hundreds of thousands in Iraq... just how many people are there for body count? The world has 6.8 giga people. So, 1 mega people is just 0.014%. See: Population Under The Firmament. Note also that Africa has the highest population growth. They are un-educated, and they just keeps on fucking and make babies. (See: Too Many People on Earth.)