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perm url with updates On The WebXah Lee, 2010-02-15Remember Micropayment? A system on the web that allows content creators and consumers to have small money transactions, like 50 cents. So that, all those opinion or otherwise blog writings, drawings on various sites, photos, music clips from random joe, that you enjoyed, you can easily pay them few cents, and they can easily get what they deserve. The millions of works by students, creative people, amatures, each often just have few blog pages or few drawings or photos etc. But collectively, their work probably are more worthy then the collective work by the few professionals. Blogs, google image search, Wikipedia, are good examples.In the past, it is not possible for these people to show their work. They'd have to go to a publisher with printing press, or music studio with Record or CD press. These random joe, your pop and mom, your brother and sisters, neighbors, even less wo…