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Are You Getting Truth From Pop Blogs?

Perm url with updates: You Getting Truth From Pop Blogs?Xah Lee, 2010-04-09This page is a comment i wrote after reading this site: The Day I Was Flamed At My Blog (And 7 Steps To Handle Flames With Grace) (2010-04-09), By Celestine Chua. Source (the following is slightly editted and expanded.)In the past month, i did research into the whole SEO and online blogging scene. I'm a person with academic background. One thing i realized, is that all these blog sites, basically their primary focus is making money. Even though many are honest, valuable (such as problogger which i learned a lot from), but there is certain inherent conflict with real truth. Let me explain a bit.For example, there are blogs dedicated to writing. If you look at these tips, for example some of the most common are: write concisely, use simple words and avoid big words, try to itemize your points. Now, if you look at pop magazines, e.g. women's mag…

Best Unicode Fonts for Emacs

Perm url with updates: Unicode Fonts for EmacsXah Lee, 2010-04-05This page shows you some of the best Unicode fonts for emacs.Today, Unicode is getting very popular and is a standard in lots of computer languages and web standards ( XML, Java, C#, Python 3). (see for example: Unicode Popularity On Web) Even if English is your only language, Unicode provide many useful symbols. Here's some example of popular Unicode chars: “ ” ← → ↑ ↓ ⇒ £ € © ® ™ — … ¶ † ● α β ° π ⊕ ⊗ « » 『 』 ✓ ▶ ★ ◇ ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ♪ ☺ . Open this file in emacs and see how well your setup does: unicode_chars.txt.Best Proportional Unicode Font for WindowsIf you are on Windows, get Arial Unicode MS.It comes with Microsoft Windows Office. If you don't have it, you can download the trial version just to get this font then uninstall Office. It supports all Unicode chars, and is the best quality Unicode font by far.Arial Unicode MS in emacs displaying Unicode chars. Bes…

Robert Black and Obscenity Charges

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李敖 (Li Ao)'s blog seems to be revived

李敖 (Li Ao)'s blog seems to be revived: (Chinese only).For those of you don't know who he is, check out past particles:Li Ao on Tibet and Dalai LamaLi Ao on Tiananmen Square Protests Of 1989Li Ao Lectures

Google Sidewiki Block

Perm url with updates: Sidewiki BlockXah Lee, 2010-04-08Google has a free browser toolbar. In their toolbar, there's a feature called sidewiki, introduced in 2009-09. It allows any user with Google account to leave a comment on any website. This feature has several social problems, and i as a site owner am rather pissed. This page gives some detail.I've used Google toolbar once or twice in the past years. Usually, i installed it just to see what it does, as part of the process of being a web programer and technologist. One particular feature useful for webmasters is that it provides a page rank. So that, you can conveniently see any url's page rank as measured by Google. Though, in the past, after 1 hour of use, i find it rather not useful, so i uninstalled it.Today, i need a quick way to know Google's page rank of sites again, so i installed again. It has grown, with many other features. One feature i noticed is Sidewik…

Demon Blade Chick by Muuten

Perm url with updates: Blade Chick by MuutenXah Lee, 2010-04-04 Artist seem to be Muuten. This piece is a fan art. The chick is the character Momohime from the vid game Muramasa: The Demon Blade. SourceSource Erotic ArtworkPaper 11Art Of Mootan

painting exhibition by mathematician Rudy Rucker

2010-04-07 There's a painting exhibition in San Francisco, hosted by Science Fiction in San Francisco (SF in SF), featuring the works of mathematician and science fiction writer Rudy Rucker.Rudy is famous for his books such as “The Fourth Dimension” (1984), Infinity and the Mind (1995), and latest non-fiction on cellular automata: The Life Box, The Seshell, and The Soul (2005). amazonThe painting exhibition will be on from April 9 (Friday) to May 22 (Saturday), at Variety Preview Room in San Francisco. (582 Market Street, San Francisco, CA. (415) 781-3893) (View Map) You're invited to an opening night party on Friday, April 9, from 6 to 9 pm.In the closing event on Saturday May 22, from 6 to 10 pm, Rudy will read with author Michael Shea.Paintings and prints will be for sale at the show during the opening and closing events, or online from Rudy's paintings page.

What's Emacs Custom System and Should You Use It?

Perm url with updates:'s Emacs Custom System and Should You Use It?Xah Lee, 2010-04-06This page is a tutorial on emacs's Custom system for setting user preferences.What's Emacs's Custom GUI?Emacs has a textual GUI system for setting user preferences . It lets you customize emacs without needing to know much emacs lisp. You can call it by “Alt+x customize”. Try it. You'll see that things are simple to understand. You can just use the mouse and click buttons to change emacs's many complex setting.You can also call “customize-group” to customize a particular mode directly. For example, type “Alt+x customize-group”, then give “dired”. That page will let you change dired's settings. Another way is to customize a variable directly if you know a variable's name. For example, type “Alt+x customize-variable”, then “auto-save-default”.Emacs textual GUI based Custom system for setting user preferences. When you a…

World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics ???

Perm url with updates: Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics ???Xah Lee, 2010-04-04Starting about 2005, i regularly receive email asking me to participate a conference, called World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (WMSCI). Here's one of such email i got today:Dear Xah Lee:As you know the Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon affirmed that design is an essential ingredient of the Artificial Sciences Ranulph Glanville, president of the American Society for Cybernetics and expert in design theory, affirms that "Research is a variety of design. So do research as design. Design is key to research. Research has to be designed." An increasing number of authors are stressing the relationships between Design and Research. Design is a mean for Research, and Research is a mean for Design. Design and research are related via cybernetic loops in the context of means-ends logic. Consequently, we invite you to …