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emacs: calculating dates, find holidays

Little tips about calculating dates.I needed to find the date of 2010-04-17 minus 200 days. How do you do it in emacs?Start calendar mode by tying “Alt+x cale Enter”. In calendar mode, the left arrow moves you back. But it also takes a universal argument of n to go back n days. So, type “C-u 200 ←” will put you 200 days back.When your cursor is in the calender pane, there are these new menus: Scroll, Goto, Holidays, Diary, Sun/Moon. Check them out! I've been using emacs for 12 years, but never realized this!PS thanks to people on comp.emacs, in particular Jason Rumney.

The Moronicities of Typography

Perm url with updates: Moronicities of TypographyXah Lee, 2007-10, 2010-08-13This article discusses some issues in typography, especially those related to the dash and quotation marksI've had some interest in typography since early 1990s of the Mac's Desktop publishing era. Basically, i avidly read books about fontography in libraries or Mac magazines such as Mac User or Mac World, and played with fonts and math typesetting in software such as Microsoft World and Mathematica, including reading Knuth's book on typography and using his TeX system, reading about font technology such as TrueType . So, i am generally acquainted with the concepts and issues of typography, though never worked in any professional area related to it. I'll have to say, the entire typographical efforts and establishment is rather largely a waste of time, similar in the sense that some “artistic” circles chalks up photography as high …

Human Furniture

Perm url with updates: FurnitureXah Lee, 2010-04-17Some collection Human furnitures.All the wooden furnitures you see here are build by Mario Philippona. (they are for sale at his site: ) More photos: Breast Cupboard. Breasts basket. More photos and video: Ballet Lamp. Legs drawer. More photos: Legs Table. More photos: Torso Cupboards. Here's my favorite:Pussy coffee table. “Origin” Erotic ArtworkGirl Birthing SculptureA Clockwork OrangeArt of Trevor BrownSin City Screenshots

Postures of Female and Male

Perm url with updates: of Female and MaleXah Lee, 2010-04-16A online ad appearing at Source on 2010-04-16. The ad points to Source. My point in showing this ad is that i had the idea to collect ads that shows the relationship of the sexes. Majority of ads, show attractive female (e.g. as opposed to attractive male). And, this heroic male holding a unconcious female is a common motif. They are everywhere, especially in cover arts for comics, movie posters. Or, typically the female kneels, sits, besides a outstanding hero.It would be fruitful, to take a survey, of collecting thousands of cover artworks that primarily feature a female and a male. Then, remove the background, color, faces, hair, and body shapes, so it is simply a outline of 2 human bodies, showing their posture and relative position to each other. Then, either by human animals or computer analysis, i think one can usually easily tell which one is male and femal… on Hacker News, Reddit, Delicious

2010-04-16 Discovered that one of my essay appeared on Hacker News again. Here are the essays that have appeared on Hacker News:2010-04-16 - 3. Paul Graham's Infatuation with the Concept of Hacker. Source: news.ycombinator.com2010-04-16 - 35. Why Emacs is Still so Useful Today. Source: news.ycombinator.com2010-04-16 - 436. Why Software Suck. Source: news.ycombinator.com2010-04-16 - 441. “Ask PG: What is the list of banned sites and why are they banned?”. Source2010-04-16 - 681. “Effective Emacs - "Nobody has been using Emacs longer than I have"” Source: news.ycombinator.com2010-04-16 - 1105. Sorting in Python and Perl. Source: news.ycombinator.comThere are about 20 or so posts mentioning my name or site. See: Google searh “ xah lee”.See also: Hacker News,, and What is Politics? on Reddit: on Delicious: i've never submitte…

Second Life Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Perm url with updates: Life Keyboard Shortcuts CheatsheetXah Lee, 2010-04-15This page lists all keyboard shortcuts for Second Life viewer 2.Second Life keyboard. By “Prad Prathivi @ Amodica”. Source Common Standard ShortcutsShortcutMenu LocationNotesF1Help ‣ Second Life Help◇Ctrl+QMe ‣ Quit◇Ctrl+PMe ‣ Preferences◇Ctrl+ZBuild ‣ Edit ‣ Undo◇Ctrl+YBuild ‣ Redo◇Ctrl+XBuild ‣ Edit ‣ Cut◇Ctrl+CBuild ‣ Edit ‣ Copy◇Ctrl+VBuild ‣ Edit ‣ Paste◇Ctrl+WAdvanced ‣ Shortcuts ‣ Close Window◇Ctrl+Shift+WAdvanced ‣ Shortcuts ‣ Close All Windows◇GeneralShortcutMenu LocationNotesDelBuild ‣ Edit ‣ Delete◇EscAdvanced ‣ Shortcuts ‣ Reset View◇Move, NavigationShortcutMenu LocationNotesW◇forwardS◇backwardA◇Turn LeftD◇Turn RightShift+A◇LeftShift+D◇RightPage Up◇JumpPage Down◇CrouchThe arrow keys is equivalent to W A S D keys.ShortcutMenu LocationNotesHomeAdvanced ‣ Shortcuts ‣ FlyToggle fly.ChatShortcutMenu LocationNotesEnter~(focus to chat bar)◇Ctrl+…

Palpatine: The Portrait of a Perfectect Sociopath and Master Politician

Perm url with updates: The Portrait of a Perfectect Sociopath and Master PoliticianXah Lee, 2010-04-13Few of my favorite scenes from Star Wars.Good is a Point of ViewThe Story of Darth Plagueis Amazing. Palpatine, the master salesman. Watch carefully his intonations, the way he pauses his speech. And, every nuance of his facial expressions. At critical points, he turns and exams carefully his subject's reactions.Here's the transcription:ANAKIN: You wanted to see me, Chancellor.PALPATINE: Yes, Anakin! Come closer. I have good news. Our Clone Intelligence Units have discovered the location of General Grievous. He is hiding in the Utapau system.ANAKIN: At last, we'll be able to capture that monster and end this war.PALPATINE: I would worry about the collective wisdom of the Council if they didn't select you for this assignment. You are the best choice by far ý but, they can't always be trusted to do the righ…

Emacs Templates with YASnippet

Perm url with updates: Templates with YASnippetXah Lee, 2010-04-13This page shows you a very useful and easy to use tool for inserting any type of templates for any programing language.What's a Template?A Template is a way to insert text you use often. For example, in html, you can type “div”, then press a hotkey, then it expands to: <divid="some_id"class="some_class"></div> With your cursor placed in a parameter slot, and pressing Tab will move to next parameter slot.In perl, type “for”, press a hotkey, and it becomes:for (my$var = 0; $var < expression; $var++) { # body... } In emacs lisp, type “defun”, then it expands to: (defunmyFun () "thisandthat." (interactive) (let (var1) (setq var1 some) ; body... ) ) Emacs has lots of template systems. For example, there are MsfAbbrev, TemplatesMode, ElseMode, SkeletonMode, TempoMode. Their feature are quite different, t…

Paul Graham's Infatuation with the Concept of Hacker

Perm url with updates: Graham's Infatuation with the Concept of HackerXah Lee, 2010-04-10It's been brewing in my mind for a while to write a criticism on Paul Graham's Arc Lisp and his essay about ideal language.Of the various essays of his i read in the past years about Arc or designing of a lang, his essential idea lies on the concept of “hacker”. He keeps saying, lang needs to be this or that because “hacker” is this or that way.That elusive word, “hacker”. Whence, one can't really get a precise idea what he consider as ideal in a computer language. What is a hacker? and what is the characteristics of a “hacker's language”?If you read older publications, books, newsgroups, those from the 1980s, you see that the favored language among elite programers, those who talk a lot in newsgroups, seems to be C and Lisp, as far as i've read. These 2 languages are totally different in nature. One is very low le…

Leaked Video US Helicopter Killing

Perm url with updates: Video US Helicopter KillingXah Lee, 2010-04-12Leaked video of 2 US helicopters killing ~10 Iraqi people, on 2007-07-12. The video is obtained by Wikileaks. It turns out, among the dead and wounded are 2 Reuters news staff, and 2 children. You can see more detail about this incidence here: Quote:5th April 2010 10:44 EST WikiLeaks has released a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad -- including two Reuters news staff.Reuters has been trying to obtain the video through the Freedom of Information Act, without success since the time of the attack. The video, shot from an Apache helicopter gun-site, clearly shows the unprovoked slaying of a wounded Reuters employee and his rescuers. Two young children involved in the rescue were also seriously wounded.Wikipedia has a …

Solved: A single tile that tile only aperiodically

A single tile that tile only aperiodically. Whether a single tile exists that tiles only aperiodically is a is unsolved problem. Not anymore!See: An aperiodic hexagonal tile (2010-03-22), By Joshua E S Socolar, Joan M. Taylor. 1003.4279v1.pdfvia also, some of my tiling studies:The Discontinuous Groups of Rotation and Translation in the PlanePlane Tiling Mathematica PackageTilings and Patterns

三年二班 (Class Ping Pong), 周杰倫 (Jay Chow)

Perm url with updates:三年二班 (Class Ping Pong), 周杰倫 (Jay Chow)Xah Lee, 2010-04-07三年二班 by 周杰倫 (Jay Chow) is really a great song. I really love it. Been listening to it for several years. Though, his sing is characterized by mumbling, so it is hard to make out all the lyrics clearly. Here it is. Title: 三年二班 (Class Ping Pong) Singer: 周杰倫 (Jay Chow) Lyrics: 方文山 Music: 周杰倫 (Jay Chow) Arrangement: 洪敬堯 English translation: 李杀 (Xah Lee) 眼睛你要擦亮 記住我的模樣 表情不用太緊張 我是三年二班 我專心打球的側臉還滿好看 黑板是吸收知識的地方 只是教室的陽光 那顏色我不太喜歡 沒有操場的自然 為何比較漂亮的都是在隔壁班 還有考卷的答案 我剛好都不會算 沒關係 再繼續努力 沒關係 為甚麼上課時舉手很難 為甚麼拿線上寶物簡單 為甚麼女生不喜歡太胖 為甚麼別人手機在響 正手發長球的打法只是初級乒乓 反手短打再狠狠殺球是高級乒乓 迴轉技巧乒乓 前場速攻乒乓 對牆壁 在練習 乒乓 乒乓   這第一名到底要多強 (不用問 一定有人向你挑戰)  到底還要過多少關 (不用怕 告訴他們誰是男子漢)  可不可以不要這個獎 (不想問 我只想要留一點汗)  我當我自己的裁判 (不想說 選擇對手跟要打的仗) ...  我不想 就這樣一直走  每天都遇上 充滿敵意那種眼光  等機會 就是要打倒對方  這種結果我不要 這虛榮的驕傲 這目的很好笑 我其實都知道 你只是想炫燿 我永遠做不到 你永遠贏不了 我永遠做不到 你永遠贏不了 永遠贏不了 走鄉下 尋找哪有花香 (為甚麼 這麼簡單你做不到) 坐車廂 朝著南下方向 (為甚麼 …