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Emacs Hyper and Super Keys

Perm url with updates: Hyper and Super KeysXah Lee, 2005, ..., 2010-07-31This page shows you how to define super and hyper keys in emacs. If you are not familiar with the basics of defining keys in emacs, see: How to Define Keyboard Shortcuts in Emacs.Emacs supports extra modifier keys called Super and Hyper. You can map PC keyboard's Win key or the Menu key to them, or Apple keyboard's Option key.For those curious, the Super and Hyper are actual keys on lisp machine keyboards. Lisp machine keyboards are popular around late 1980s and is used to develop emacs. For photos of lisp machine keyboards, see: Keyboard Hardware's Influence on Keyboard Shortcut Design.Setting up Super and HyperMicrosoft Windows; setting the PC keyboard's various keys to ; Super or Hyper, for emacs running on Windows. (setq w32-pass-lwindow-to-system nil w32-pass-rwindow-to-system nil w32-pass-apps-to-system nil w32-lwi…

CSS Example: How to use “:before” and “:after” pseudo-elements

Perm url with updates: Example: How to use “:before” and “:after” pseudo-elementsXah Lee, 2009-01, 2010-08-07This page shows you how use css to add text into your html pages, using the “:before” and “:after” pseudo-elements.You can use CSS to automatically insert text or images into your html page at certain tags. For example, in the following:How to do this?This way.The “Q:” and “A:” are actually not in html. They are added using CSS. If you turn off CSS in your browser, they'll disappear.To add text before or after a tag, use this:p.x3465:before {content:"Q: ";font-size:x-large;font-family:serif} and the html would look like this: <pclass="x3465">How to do this?</p>

Star Spangled Magazine Covers

Perm url with updates: Spangled Magazine Covers (page 1)Xah Lee, 2004-06, 2010-08-07Every so often you'll find the stars'n'stripes theme in various forms in American magazines: music mags, women's mags, photo mags, fashion mags, and political mags. Americans love it. In these mags, there are also abnormal frequency of the word America or American: American Fashion, Sex in America, America's sweetheart; while hardly ever other country or continent's name. For the average American, America = the world, and that's how Americans like it, and the capitalistic consummeristic America sells by it.Does other country's magazines frequently cite their own country this or that? I think it's uniquely US phenomenon. Possibly UK in some degree too. 〈Paper〉 magazine, showing a pretty girl (Ivana Miličević?) clad in red-white striped sundress with a button-pin of peace-sign on flag. (notable is her runway ches…

CST L-Trac best trackball?

Discovered possibly the best trackball today. CST L-Trac trackball. Large ball, 5 buttons, scroll-wheel, but at $110. First available at Amazon on 2009-09. So i think it is pretty new. For more detail, see: Trackball Mouse Reviews.

Bascics of Chinese Punctuation

Perm url with updates: to Chinese Punctuation with Computer Language Syntax PerspectivesXah Lee, 2010-08-05This page is a tutorial and commentary of Chinese punctuation. The symbols used and their purpose. Comparison to English punctuations, and as they are practiced in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the minor differences in their usage. The commentary takes the perspective of notation grammar in computer language.This page is mostly for English speakers. I assume that you are well acquainted with English punctuation.Note that punctuation usage is not a precision science. For example, US and UK have slightly different habits, and even in US, different style guides differ in their opinion in minor details.Chinese punctuation usage is very similar to western language punctuations, except that a few symbols are not used, and with few additional symbols.Shared English and Chinese Punctuation SymbolsThe following s…

How to Create and Update a Sitewide Logo (Favicon)

Perm url with updates: to Create and Update a Sitewide Logo (Favicon)Xah Lee, 2010-08-04This page tells you how to create a favicon for your site, and how to make your readers see a new logo if you updated it.Favicon is a tiny icon associated with a website. The icon will show up in the browser's tab, or url field, or in bookmark.Creating a FaviconTo create it, just create a 16×16 or 32×32 image file. The file can be png, jpg, gif, or Microsoft's “.ico” format.Then, in your html pages, add one of the following line to the header: <linkrel="icon"type="image/png"href="xahlee_logo.png"> <linkrel="icon"type="image/gif"href="xahlee_logo.gif"> <linkrel="icon"type="image/"href="xahlee_logo.ico"> Each of your html page can have a different favicon. So, you could use a icon for each page, or each project, or each server. …

Byte Magazine Cover on LISP, A Space Odyssey, Nietzsche

Perm url with updates: Magazine Cover on LISP, A Space Odyssey, NietzscheXah Lee, 2010-08-04Byte magazine cover, 1979-08. source Kazimir Majorinc (used with permission) What is the overall meaning of this drawing? The first time i saw this, i thought of one thing, but next day, looking at this pict again, i got a opposite impression. (scroll down to see my impressions)↓ At first i thought it's a tombstone. The apparant message being: lisp is dead. Quite funny how the inscriptions are all lisp code with caar and caddr, and the tomestone in some alien planet background with astronauts looking at it. But “lisp is dead” proclaimed in 1979?? The next day, i realized that the tombstone i see is the giant mysterious monolith, a theme borrowed from the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”. (I saw the film twice in the past, and love it.)On reading Wikipedia about 2001: A Space Odyssey, quote:The film has a memorable soundtrack—the result of the ass…

pithy quote isnt substance; Erik Naggum

Perm url with updates: Naggum and Why There Isn't An Ocean of “Lisp Jobs”Xah Lee, 2010-08-03Discovered a blog article, that summarizes some of Erik's ideas in 28 quotes. The quote headings are:On the Free Software movementOn how C “feels fast”On “Worse is Better” (aka the New Jersey Approach)A reply to any programmer who sticks to C because of “speed”On the value of reading Open Source codeOn markets and “giving people what they want”On the decline of professional equipment for programmingOn the wastefulness of language proliferationOn the “Imponator”On the deficiencies of HTMLOn the decline of programming as a serious professional fieldOn the lack of ads for “Lisp jobs”On the “Y2K Problem”On why there isn’t an ocean of “Lisp jobs”On parentheses-phobiaWhat killed micropaymentsOn “CD-R brains”On programmers with the “poor farmer” mentality”On market fragmentationOn how sharing source may discourage design flexibi…

Hyper+Shift+q is ghosted key

Perm url with updates: Discovered a dead key. In emacs, i have the Menu key set as Hyper, and i have “Hyper+Shift+q” as a shortcut to some command. However, Microsoft ergonomic 4000 keyboard simply does not register that combination when right shift is used. But left shift works. See also: Keyboard Ghosting; How Many Keys Your Keyboard Can Take?.

HP-28S Advanced Scientific Calculator

Perm url with updates: Advanced Scientific CalculatorXah Lee, 2006-07My First Program and the 8-Queens PuzzleIn about 1991, i bought the HP-28s calculator for something like $250. It was introduced in 1988 and is the first calculator that is capable of symbolic computation. For example, you can use it to solve a quadratic equation symbolically. And, it is also one of the first graphing calculator, if not the very first. This is a RPN calculator, and is also a programable calculator. The HP-28s calculator. (image source: The Museum of HP Calculators by David G Hicks.) It is actualy the HP-28s that i did my first programing. I never took any programing course, but am a avid learner of math and computer stuff. I read the manuals from cover to cover.My first program is a program to solve the Eight queens puzzle. It was a puzzle posted to CompuServe's math forum. At the time, i'm also a crazy fan of recreational math. I took it upon my…

Mulan Ballad

Perm url with updates: Got a email today from a author asking permission to quote a commentary i made on a poem.The poem is: 木蘭辭 (Mulan Ballad). (yes, Disney made a animation out of it) He is writing a book about the poem. (in Spanish for Spanish communities) The requested quote is:Basically, the entire Mulan fable stems from this ballad. Note the ridiculousness of it. How can a girl, in military for 12 years, and fellow soldiers do not realize that she is a female? If so, she must be very unusual and manly. In modern times, she'd be a butcher dyke, or medically and psychologically certified transsexual.Am delighted.Note that this article is also cited in a book: Linguaggio e genere: grammatica e usi (2006), By Silvia Luraghi, Anna Olita. (ISBN 8843039261, 9788843039265) . The title in English is: “Language and gender: grammar and usage”.

Facebook: Every Link is Tracked

Perm url with updates: Addendum. News:100 million Facebook pages leaked on torrent site at Link is Tracked2010-08-03 Fuck Facebook. Every link on Facebook is tracked. So, when you click, it goes to Facebook itself, then redirect you. And with cookies, of course they know everything you clicked, and who clicked what url of every url on Facebook.I noticed this practically... long story long: i use multiple browsers at the same time, one with cookies on sites i have a account, and another browser for general browsing purposes. I use Google Chrome as my cookied browser, and Firefox as generic. So, when i want to see url on Facebook, i right click to copy the link, then with keyboard macros i've setup i press a button and the url is opened in Firefox.However, with fucking Facebook links, i don't get the destination url but a Facebook page warning me about the danger. Here's a example:The page that results from…

logo design and gallery of software industry

Perm url with updates: Design and Software IndustryThe following is a index of essays related to logo graphics design, and galleries. In particular, logos in the software industry.The Purpose of Logos and Principles of Logo DesignThe Unix Pestilence (Logo Tour)The Lambda Logo TourLisp Needs A LogoLISP LogoQi Language LogoHaskell LogoThe Emacs LogoXah's Java Logo

Chthonic Syndicate military in Casuals (Second Life; video)

Perm url with updates: Life military group Chthonic Syndicate's memebers in casuals, at the new sim Hydros. 2010 Aug. Mayra is the admiral. Arvid is the vice admiral. Want hot chicks? join CS. See also: Second Life Military Videos, Furry Soldiers (images).