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Keyboarding & Macros in Mac and Windows (How to Increase Your Computer Operation Efficiency)

Perm url with updates: & Macros in Mac and Windows (How to Increase Your Computer Operation Efficiency)Xah Lee, 2009-05-26, ..., 2010-09-18I'm a operation efficiency nerd. When operating a computer, you have to switch apps, click links/checkbox/buttons, invoke menus, open/close window or tab, adjust volume, change songs, switch input focus, switch fields, input/edit text, or perform pointer oriented input such as in a image editing software. (here, we are excluding other forms of input such as voice) In general, all these are inputs, done by using input systems, a combination of software and hardware. Typically, the hardware is just keyboard and mouse (or touchpad or trackball). The software part is the interfaces used in the OS and various apps.Operation efficiency means you are able to achieve a input task with the least number of units of physical exertion, basically means less keystrokes, less mouse travel, and most …


Discovered this nice article on newLISP, which gave me my first intro of the lang:〈How newLISP Took My Breath (And Syntax) Away〉 (2010-01-08). By Greg Slepak. At: SourceSee also this comparison: 〈Lisp: Common Lisp, Scheme, Clojure, Emacs Lisp〉 @ you want a quick intro by slide show, see:

Baby carrots

Discovered that Baby carrots are basically a mature carrot cut and peeled into small pieces, not really a special plant. Though, these days there are probably genetically modified ones more suitable for baby-cut production.Munch some, good for your body!

Art of Armaeater Tokiya

by Armaeater Tokiya Source perm url: Art of Armaeater Tokiya.

top 15 movies in your head

Meme from Michael Underwood.The rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen movies you've watched that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.Well, i only got 10 off my head.〈Titus〉 Titus screenshots〈Farewell My Concubine〉 amazon〈Cabaret〉 Cabaret screenshots〈Batman〉 amazon〈Sex, Lies, and Videotape〉 amazon〈Dr Strangelove〉 amazon〈A Clockwork Orange〉 A Clockwork Orange Screenshots〈Wizard of Oz〉 amazon〈Brazil〉 amazon〈Apocalypse Now〉 amazonMuch more of my fav are here Xah's Favorite Movies.

java applet for Voronoi Diagram

A fantastic java applet to draw Voronoi diagram interactively. Very nice.〈Voro Glide〉@ SourceSee also: Great Math Programs.

Iraq War Photos

Perm url with updates: Photos (page 1)The following photos are copied from on 2004-04-27. The html on the site has title “Some Picture a friend brought back from Iraq”. Otherwise there's no info. The site is gone as of 2004-12. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Opera Web Browser Pain

Perm url with updates: Pain; Opera Browser ProblemsXah Recommends:

Amazon Kindle. Read books under the sun. Review Xah Lee, 2010-09-14, 2010-10-29This page documents some usability problems of Opera web browser.No Drag and DropYou cannot “drag and drop” images to a folder on desktop to save it. They insist on using different keyboard shortcuts than every browser.Non-standard KeysFor example, 【Ctrl+Tab】 is for switching tab. But in Opera, it pops up a tab menu instead. Normally, i can quickly switch to different tabs and stop at the one i want, visually looking at each tab for fraction of a second. With Opera, i have to read the titles or small thumbnails.The 【Ctrl+w】 key lets me close a tab in IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, but doesn't work in Opera.【Ctrl+Click】 lets me open a link in a new tab in all browsers. Not so with Opera. It opens the new link in the current tab, same as simple click.Non-standard Tab OrderingAlso, when clos…

Using Emacs's DiredPlus Mode

Perm url with updates: Emacs's “Dired+” (DiredPlus) ModeXah Lee, 2010-09-15“Dired+” mode, by Drew Adams, is quite nice. Here's some of its features i found very useful.“Dired+” mode. More extensive syntax coloring, so you can easily recognize different file types. (after using plain dired for 10 years, the first few days i found the Dired+ colors distracting, but now i prefer it.)Press 【w】 to copy file name. Works with multiple marked files too.【F】 to open all marked files. (nice!)【A】 to regex search marked files. (NICE!)【B】 to byte compile a elisp file.【L】 to load a elisp file.Use menu “Mark‣Omit Marked” to omit some files. (useful especially if you use “find-dired” but don't want a subset.)These are in addition to extremely useful features in dired. (See: File Management with Emacs (dired tutorial))InstallGet it here: install, just place the file at 〔~/.emacs.d/dired+.el〕, t…

Google Problems and Alternative Search Engines

Perm url with updates: Problems and Alternative Search EnginesXah Lee, 2010-09-14There seems to be lots of heat on how Google search engine qualty is going down. For example: google is turning into cuil since when did quotesI feel the same. Though, i am not sure that other search engines are better. In this or last year, i've occasionally tried Microsoft's “”. I don't think it's better. Though, it is true that i am not able to find info i want as compared to say early 2000s. There were quite a few times in recent years that i spend 30 min or hours and unable to find info that i think should be there. Often, Google will show results from a bunch of mass-scale commercial sites that swipe info from other online forums and put on their site, with bad formatting, and wit…

Nearly Extinct Animals (video)

Perm url with updates: Extinct Animals (video)Xah Lee, 2010-09-13Extinct and soon to be extinct animal/species ThylacinePrzewalski's HorseRed WolfGolden ToadScimitar OryxAngel SharkLeatherback TurtleAfrican Wild DogCorroboree frogEthiopian WolfHyacinth MacawBlack RhinocerosGharialSumatran OrangutanKakapoSumatran RhinocerosTigerPS i don't support animal rights group, and nor PETA, nor any fervor for Green.I recommend taking a rational approach. If you can, go back to school and take classes in biology, human history, philosophy, etc. These subjects may seem remote to loving animals, but the extinction of animals isn't just caused by poachers or heartless people, it has to do with the whole society, education, economic system, political system. And even, the protection of animals is just part of human animal problem. There is war, famine, religion, which at large dictate how things change. So, don't just be a bleeding…

Unix Shell Text Processing Tutorial (grep, cat, awk, sort, uniq)

Perm url with updates: Shell Text Processing Tutorial (grep, cat, awk, sort, uniq)Xah Lee, 2007-03, 2010-09-13This page is a basic tutorial on using unix shell's text processing tools. For example, grep, cat, awk, sort, uniq. They are especially useful for processing lines.How to show only certain lines that contains a text pattern?Use grep. Example: grep 'html HTTP' myFile will print only lines containing the text “html HTTP”. grep 'html HTTP' *html will apply grep to all files with html suffix. grep -r 'html HTTP' *html will apply grep to all html files in a dir.Use “-f” to include file name in the result, use “-h” to not print file name. Use “-v” to print lines NOT containing the text. Use “-E” for extended regular expression (similar to Perl's) or use “-P” for perl's regex syntax. Use “-i” to ignore case.Examples:grep -v 'html HTTP' myFile will print lines not matchin…

emacs rename files easily

Perm url with updates: Rename Files Interactively by Pattern (regex; wdired)Xah Lee, 2007-08, 2009-06, ..., 2010-09-12Suppose you need to rename a bunch of files by a string pattern, for all files in a directory. However, you do not want to rename all of them. You need to look at it in a case-by-case basis. What can you do?Answer: emacs.SummaryType 【Alt+x dired】, then type 【Alt+x wdired-change-to-wdired-mode】. Then, just edit the file names. When done, type 【Ctrl+cCtrl+c】 to commit the changes.While in wdired, you can edit the list of file names by emacs's find/replace commands. For example, type 【Alt+5】for “query-replace” or 【Alt+%】 for “query-replace-regexp”.A older, alternative method, but less convenient, is to call “dired-do-rename-regexp” 【%R】.Detailed Explanation: Rename by Editing File NamesIn emacs 22, there is a new way to rename a bunch of files, by simply editing the list of file names like normal text, then commit…

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