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Jessica Cutler (The Washingtonienne) Sex Scandal

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SEO: Make Money Fast!

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Amazon Kindle. Read books under the sun. Review Xah Lee, 2010-10-21SEO is quite amazing. I am a web app programing expert, but also consider myself a expert of SEO (what do i know!). I've read almost all Google has to say about seo. (over hundreds of articles, videos, in the past 5 years) But seo is actually mostly not about tech or web dev. It's more like 60% being knowledge of online markting, and 40% knowledge of how to use ready-made online tools (such as WordPress, Blogger, Google Analytics, twitter, facebook, and some HTML/CSS and some Javascript.) Yesterday, i thought why not add #seo tag in my twitter. Wham, immediately i got 3 retreats and followers, all from people who's profile claims to be kings and knights of seo. And my blog got 10 more subscribers.I always wondered how those twitters who got 10k followers. Their articles are often driv…

How to Add a Comment System to Your Website

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Amazon Kindle. Read books under the sun. Review Xah Lee, 2010-10-16Installed Disqus last week. disqus.comIt's a javascript snippet. Place on your website, then people can leave comments. The comments are saved in their server. You pretty don't have to manage it. All you have to do is to place the javascript code on each page. Nice.Here's some of the pages that's got comment already.Emacs Does Not Support Viewing Images Files In WindowsErgoEmacs KeybindingBeastie Fucking TuxJava Tutorial: The “extend” KeywordPerl-Python Tutorial: Splitting a Line by RegexChinese Input with Dvorak Layout (Microsoft Pinyin IME)Microsoft IntelliType Common has been static html for 10 years. But with comment, my experience is that it may increase traffic 10 fold.A Little History on Website Comments and TechnologyComment started in late 1990s. …

Is Philosophy Useful?

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Amazon Kindle. Read books under the sun. Review Xah Lee, 2010-10-15hi Mark Tarver,Here's my own take on doubts about usefulness of philosophy. This is also a subject on my mind for perhaps 10 years. Thanks for the opportunity here to write it out for the first time.To me, questioning usefulness of philosophy is questioning thinking itself.Typically, people think philosophy is not useful because when they think of philosophy they think of things like “does god exist”, “what's beauty”, “where do we came from”, “do we have free will”, “purpose of life”, “what's good and what's evil”, etc.These kinda subjects are what most people think of when hearing “philosophy”. However, that's not what philosophy is about. Thus, the common thought of “philosophy being not practical” is due to wrong characterization of philosophy.As i mentioned previously, philoso…

selling site seo

Am thinking of selling my website It's ranked by alexa at 74.5k in world, or 40.2k in US.Anyone in the SEO business of buying/selling sites? Or, please tell a friend. I need advice. I need to know, how much is my domain name worth. Or, how much is the whole site worth (domain name + site content). If i sell the whole site, can i sell it while still keep copyright of the content? (i.e. simply selling domain name plus non-exclusive license for the content.)If you are interested in buying, please let me know too. # yearly income based on daily revenue # daily year print 10 * 365 # 3.650 * 10^3 print 20 * 365 # 7.300 * 10^3 print 40 * 365 # 14.600 * 10^3 print 50 * 365 # 18.250 * 10^3 print 100 * 365 # 36.500 * 10^3 Here's some data from Google Analytics for the past 30 days: 275,790 Visits 244,491 Absolute Unique Visitors 518,093 Pageviews 1.88 Average Pageviews 00:01:14 Time on Site…

babble of the twits

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Amazon Kindle. Read books under the sun. Review Xah Lee, 2010-10-15babble of the twitsmy twitter babble today:havent watched TV 4 10 yrs now. I guess thats 10 yrs annv. by accidental click landed on god i miss all the beautiful chicks in it.when will there be a day when we can tweet a full 3k words essay? just imgn ebybdy twts 1k words eby hr instead of haiku. fk bout this... has anyone started a buzz trend to write a essay by twit? like, one sentence per twit per 10 secs. this could be big.#in #lite #of #tweeter #syntax #how #about #making #everyword #a #hash? #could #that #be #the #latest #seo #technique?Facebook twit todayhavent watched TV 4 10 yrs now. I guess thats 10 yrs annv. by accidental click landed on god i miss all the beautiful chicks in it.y'know? all the women are beeeeeeautiful. But too, every guy, is ssssoooo handsome, arn…

the Inanities of Java

This month, my Java tutorial become quite popular. Here's the most popular pages, with number of page views in the past 30 days.The “static” Keyword In Java5.803kJava Tutorial: “this” Keyword5.589kInterface in Java4.627kJava Tutorial: The “extend” Keyword4.402kJava's Access Specifiers2.935kJava Tutorial: Arrays2.673kJava Tutorial: Defining a Function2.596kThe “abstract” Keyword In Java2.316kXah's Java Tutorial2.168kThere are several links to them from is the most inane language. I did Java for half a year in a day job in 2000. At the time, i was not really sure what i was doing. (this is a typical situation when coding in a day job on someone else's project.) Then, in 2005 i studied Java in some detail, and wrote my tutorial. However, i actually don't code Java, am not good at it, and will never code anything in Java. (am rather sad that Google choose it as its main lang. (but, it's still much better than C or C++.))Also, of all big so…

What Motivate us?

Perm url with updates: Motivate us?Xah Lee, 2010-10-14There's a very attractive video that discusses the psychology of motivation. I got a whiff of it from no less than Google's CEO Eric Schmidt's twitter tweet.〈RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us〉 LOL. Is this bullshit? Certainly, it's at least not completely bullshit.I've seen similar reports, earliest from 1987. 〈STUDIES FIND REWARD OFTEN NO MOTIVATOR: Creativity and intrinsic interest diminish if task is done for gain〉 (1987-01-19) By Alfie Kohn. Boston Globe.Xah Recommends:

Amazon Kindle. Read books under the sun. Review If you use Emacs, the article is bundled right with emacs as part of FSF propaganda, at: 〔Emacs/etc/MOTIVATION〕. (Full article pasted the end of this page.)Now, who's behind this video? He's Daniel H. Pink. Quote:Daniel H. Pink is an American writer. He is the author of four books focused on the chang…

Emacs File/Character Encoding/Decoding FAQ

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Amazon Kindle. Read books under the sun. Review Xah Lee, 2009, ..., 2010-10-13This page is a tutorial on file and character encoding/decoding in emacs. If you are not familiar with what's encoding/decoding, see: UNICODE Basics: What's Character Encoding, UTF-8, and All That?.In a buffer, how to find out what encoding system was used to decode the file?Check the value of the variable “buffer-file-coding-system”. You do that by typing 【Alt+x describe-variable】, then “buffer-file-coding-system”. How to find out what's the current coding system used for opening and saving files?Type 【Alt+x describe-coding-system】. How to set a encoding system for a buffer?Call “set-buffer-file-coding-system”, then type the encoding system you want. Type Tab to see a list of possible values. How to permanently choose a encoding system in emacs for opening and savin…

CSS multi-column Layout?

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Amazon Kindle. Read books under the sun. Review Xah Lee, 2005-11, 2010-10-13Sometimes you want your text to flow into multiple columns, as in newspaper.One way is to hard-code your paragraphs into HTML Table, where each “<td>” cell is a columns. It is a pain because when you add or delete paragraphs, you have to manually shift the text among your “<td>” tags. There are some javascript solution for auto column flow but it is very complex.A proposed solution is in CSS3 “Multi-column layout”. See However, this is not widely supported as of 2010-10. FireFox and Safari have experimental support, but with a different css attribute. Multi-column BasicsHere's the basic code:div.columtext {column-count: 2} For FireFox, use “-moz-column-count”.For Safari, use “-webkit-column-count”.Test PageMulti-Columns Test PageTableless Layout wit…

most popular sites, used to be #1 trafficked site, is now at 30. lol. early 2000s, the top 5 are amazon, ebay, and google or yahoo or apple or msn. Amazon is now 15. Ebay is 21. Yahoo is 4. Am quite surprised how yahoo hasn't fallen. Its services, sites, are among the worst with really annoying ads. (except flickr, which yahoo bought), the search engine for Chinese, is at 6., a chinese portal, is at 10., a online shopping site for chinese, is at 13., another chinese portal, at 16. While google china is at 18.Now let's look at porn. I vaguely recall, the top first porn was, at 69, about 2007 when i first learned about it (while doing this traffic check!). But now,, is at 54. at 60. Youporn is at 73.See: Let the wheel of fortune spin!

CSS Text Wrapping Tutorial

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Amazon Kindle. Read books under the sun. Review Xah Lee, 2005-11, 2010-10-12This article explains how to control the text wrapping in HTML/CSS.CSS2 provides the several ways to control text wrapping. The wrapping attribute is “white-space”. How the line wraps depends on its value. The default value for “p” and “div” tags is “normal”.white-space:normal <pstyle="white-space:normal">...</p> Repeated spaces shrink into a single one.Newline chars are equivalent to space. (no wrap)Text longer than the element's width value are wrapped.This is the normal behavior of the paragraph tag “<p>”.Note that white spaces are any of space, tab, and newline characters. You can always use “<br>” tag to force a line break in display.white-space:pre <pstyle="white-space:pre">...</p> With “white-space: pre”, the behavior is the same as the “<…

Can You Talk About Religion, Politics, with Friends?

Perm url with updates: You Talk About Religion, Politics, with Friends?Xah Lee, 2010-10-12Writing on politics, religion, any sensitive topic, especially fervently, quickly alienate friends, associates. For example, if you wrote in your blog strongly about your opinion on abortion, god, pro/anti USA/China issues, then your friends or acquaintances suddenly found out “O shit this guy insults my God; this guy don't value babies; this guy's anti-freedom”, then, in their minds they put a question mark on you, or simply stop any connection they might have with you.Avoiding religion, politics, is the number one principle in friend-making and persuasion books. For examples, these 2 well-known books:《How To Win Friends and Influence People》 By Dale Carnegie. amazonInfluence: The Psychology of Persuasion》 By Robert B Cialdini. amazonEven among close friends, a casual chat on political issues can quickly and unexpe…

To What Degree USA Allow Free Speech?

Perm url with updates: What Degree USA Allow Free Speech?Xah Lee, 2010-10-12Recently, was debating on the nobel peace prize winning Liu Xiaobo, human rights, China and USA. (See: Liu Xiaobo, Dalai Lama, Falun Gong, Nobel Peace Prize, Liu Xiaobo, NED, CIA, USA Support.)Here's a comment i made on Language Log but has been axed.Who Went to Jail in US for Speech?Someone wrote:but in USA we don't put people in jail... (as China do for Liu Xiaobo's speeches)People go to jail in US too, even recently. Just 10 years ago, anal sex, oral sex, can put you in jail. In porn industry, several are in jail right now, after unsuccessful legal defense against obscenity charges (all actor/actress are over 18 and voluntary). (See: Robert Black and Obscenity Charges.) 20 years ago, any porn showing fisting are likely to land you in jail. (See: What Is Obscenity?.) Comic artists, 20 years ago, goes to jail, for comics tha…

Liu Xiaobo, NED, CIA, USA Support

Perm url with updates: Xiaobo, NED, CIA, USA SupportXah Lee, 2010-10-12It's widely reported on the web that Liu Xiaobo received funding from National Endowment for Democracy (NED). This is acknowledged on the NED site:〈The National Endowment for Democracy Extends Its Warmest Congratulations to Grantee Liu Xiaobo on Receiving the Nobel Peace Prize〉 (2010-10-08) At: ned.orgQuote:Among his many contributions to the advance of democratic ideas and values in China have been his work as editor of Democratic China magazine (English via GoogleTranslate) for several years until his arrest in 2008, and serving two terms as President of the Independent Chinese PEN Center, from 2003 to 2007. NED is pleased to have been able to provide grant support to both organizations for their activities supporting free inquiry and freedom of expression over the years.How Much?How much? The article didn't say, but from online info the fi…

website worth

someone offered to buy my website He offered 16k. Can anyone from the seo/trade give advicce or ref? thanks a lot!can email me at or skype at xahlee. thanks.

Liu Xiaobo, Dalai Lama, Falun Gong, Nobel Peace Prize

Perm url with updates: Xiaobo, Dalai Lama, Falun Gong, Nobel Peace PrizeXah Lee, 2010-10-11Recently, the Language Log has a article on Liu Xiaobo, who recently won Nobel Peace Prize. (Language Log is a popular blog by several linguists, usually focus on language and usage myths from mainstream media.)〈Liu Xiaobo〉 (2010-10-10) By Victor Mair. At: piece is quite offensive, even worse than standard journalistic ethics as compared to mainstream US media. Basically, spreading anti-China propaganda, with factually incorrect info, biased implications and hints.I made comments on the blog giving reasons why i find it offensive. This page is expanded version of my reasons.I don't know Liu Xiaobo till now. I was born and grew up in Taiwan till 14. (but my parents were born in china) I've never set foot on china. On taiwan/china issue, i tend to support china. I …