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URL Shortening is BAD

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Amazon Kindle. Read books under the sun. Review Xah Lee, 2010-10-22Am really annoyed with URL shorterning.In around 2000 it's to shortern really long url with cgi-bin parameters, like this one: , which often get cut into multiple lines in emails.But those long urls gradually went away. The web in general don't have url with lots of “&a=b+c” etc parameters anymore. Lots of web server url rewriting tech solved that problem. However, today in 2010 there's explosion of URL shortening sites and increased use. (some blog reading indicates that there are few hundreds of such sites) At first i thought the increased use is due to a need. That is, mobile phone text messaging has a character limitation, and made the phone texting popul…

Photoshop Extreme Makeover (Video)

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Amazon Kindle. Read books under the sun. Review Xah Lee, 2010-10-22〈Extreme (Photoshop) Makeover〉 by therebelution. Music is 〈RIG - EPIC ORCHESTRA〉 at SourceUgly to sexy (Extreme photoshop makeover) The song is 〈Sexy Boy〉 by Air. amazonThe Photoshop Effect Best Input Devices (Jog/Shuttle, Touchpad, Cyborg Mouse, Pen Tablet)MS Paint Drawing (video record)What is Technical Drawing, Descriptive Geometry, Projective Geometry, Linear AlgebraWhat Is Perspective Drawing Was this page useful? If so, please do donate $3, thank you donors!

Apple is deprecating Java!

Apple is deprecating Java! See: Quote:Java DeprecationAs of the release of Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 3, the version of Java that is ported by Apple, and that ships with Mac OS X, is deprecated.This means that the Apple-produced runtime will not be maintained at the same level, and may be removed from future versions of Mac OS X. The Java runtime shipping in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, will continue to be supported and maintained through the standard support cycles of those products.Am so glad of this. Sooo glad. Death to you, Sun Microsystems, and your Java fuck. Thank you for your incredible unscrupulous marketing lies and lawsuit gaming.12 years ago, the creator of tcl, John K Ousterhout, wrote a well known article〈Scripting: Higher Level Programming for the 21st Century〉 at Source. It is finally coming true in recent years. Xah's Java LogoJargons of Info Tech IndustryWhat are OOP's Jargons and ComplexitiesThe Tech Geekers …

Should You Declare Javascript Variable with “var”?

Variables should be declared using “var”. When declared with var, it is a variable in the current scope (e.g local to the function). If not declared, js will search the variable in outter scopes, until it reaches the global space.Variables declared with “var” can be deleted using 「delete myvar;」, but variable not declared with “var” cannot be deleted.So, you should always declare variable with “var”, even for global variables.See: Javascript Basics.

Freestyle BMX (Bicycle Acrobat) videos

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Amazon Kindle. Read books under the sun. Review Xah Lee, 2010-10-20bmx freestyle The music is 〈Ante Up〉 by M.O.P.amazonAxlepeg BMX Flatland Freestyle how to flobots handlebars Music is: 〈Handlebars〉 By FlobotsamazonThe Cream of Juggling VideosPen SpinningDifficulty Perceptions in Human FeatsElegance and Respectability of Juggling Was this page useful? If so, please do donate $3, thank you donors!

xah lee comp lang experiences

A short summary of my computer language experiences, counting only serious involvement, say, few hours a day doing real jobs:1991 to 1994, HP-28S.~1992 to 1998. Mathematica.1996 to now. HTML (and later years related css, xml )1998 to 2004. Perl, sql, apache, bash, whole unix admin shebang.2001, 2005. Java.2005 to 2006. Python.2005 to 2007. PHP. (and some Javascript).2006 to now. emacs lisp.See: Xah Lee's Computing Experience Bio.

Xah Lee poll result 2010 Oct 20

Last week's poll result:With regards to swearing, do you prefer my articles to be:AnswerVotes CountTrue Xah Lee style; (e.g. I don't really give a flying fuck if people can't read my article due to fucking words in it. Those “constructive criticism” thinking fuckers, go study philosophy and fuck off. At times, my copious copulative expletives littered thru-out makes aliterative art, and that's the worth by itself, besides solid content behind them. (google my essay on constructive criticism)) 20 (68%)Criticize as usual, be honest, don't overswear; some swearing conveys needed altitude.2 (6%)Swearing distracts. I prefer less or no swearing. Maybe once in a while.4 (13%)Try to convery the same point, with expressions that are not so offensive or confrontational. Four-letter words is never really necessary in writing.3 (10%)Total Votes: 29 See also: The Writing Style on

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math notation abuse

Perm url with updates: the Wikipedia article Golden ratio, quote:Two quantities a and b are said to be in the golden ratio φ if: (a+b)/a = a/b = φ This equation unambiguously defines φ.This is a example of abuse of math notation.In 「(a+b)/a = a/b = φ」, we have basically a system of equations of 3 variables. The reason someone wrote this equation to define the golden ratio, is due mostly to the abuse of the equal sign as used in traditional math notation. In fact, the equation does not make sense.This abuse does not happen just in Wikipedia, but in just about every math textbook from professional mathematicians. (e.g. 《Visual Complex Analysis》, by Tristan Needham. amazon or my friend's 《Differential Equations, Mechanics, and Computation》 amazon)Typically, mathematicians will just say it doesn't matter, because by context it makes it clear to humans. I disagree. I think it introduces lots of mis-understanding and garbag…

How to Clear or Set Proxy in Firefox and IE

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Amazon Kindle. Read books under the sun. Review Xah Lee, 2010-10-19FirefoxIn Firefox, go to “Tools‣Options”, Advanced button at top, then “Network” tab, then Settings button.Press Alt key if menu does not show up.Firefox advanced network dialog. Firefox proxy setting dialog. Internet Explorer (IE)?Use menu “Tools‣Internet Options”. “Connections” tab. Click on the “LAN settings” button, then uncheck the boxes.IE connections proxy dialog. IE connections lan settings dialog. Windows Starting too slow? Disable Windows Startup AppsHow to Disable the F-Lock KeyAntivirus ActionSecure Deletion, File Shredding, on Windows, Linux, MacHow to Use Windows Search; Stop Indexing USB Drives; Rebuilding Index Was this page useful? If so, please do donate $3, thank you donors!

Antivirus Action

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Amazon Kindle. Read books under the sun. Review Xah Lee, 2010-10-18Got fucked by a virus today.I have Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) installed, and i always keep my Windows updated, set to auto-update. I remember i just had such update yesterday.Today, while checking on my weblog, in the referral part, i clicked and went to some image site, then clicked on another link went to this page: (Disable Java and javascript before you go there)Then, Java started to run. I didn't pay attention because i thought it's just some java applet. I either closed the window or went to other tabs to read. Then, something called “Antivirus Action” popped up on my desktop and in the Taskbar and is running and scanning my computer. What the fuck?I know exactly what programs is on my comp…

emacs tip: capitalize/upcase replacement

How to force upcase of replacement?In your replacement, use: 「\,(upcase \1)」. For detail, see: Find and Replace with Emacs.

looking for emacs guest blogger

Requesting guest blog writers for emacs. If you have used emacs for few years, and better if code emacs lisp, please just send your article to me ( and i'll post it, with links and all.The article should be preferably technical than opinion piece or diary. For example, a short tutorial on installing and using a mode (blogging, twitter, hooking up with gmail, how to use planner, muse, intro to CEDET, etc.) It also can be some tips on commonly needed things, such as how to setup and use tags, etc.If you are not familiar already, guest blogging has many advantages, as developed in the blogsphere community. It helps the community of the blog subject, gives readers a fresh writing style to read, saves the original blog author time, advertise for the guest author. It is practiced in the printed media for long. You can read about guest blogging here: Guest Blogging 101, from Darren Rowse. I would like to try the guest blog idea. Give it a shot, why not?If you haven't b…

when will china open net censorship?

Perm url with updates: Fire Wall, Chinese Net Censorship; When Will China Open Up Internet?Xah Lee, 2010-10-19Some issues on chinese censorship.Some abbrevs used to get around:gcd = 共产党 gong communist dang (chinese communist party).gmd = 国民党 guo ming dang ( chinese nationalist party, aka Kuomintang, kmg).gfw = great fire wall. (great wall of china + internet firewall; chinese internet censorship) The abbrevs are interesting because they are a mixture of: english abbrev, Pinyin, pun.For info about chinese net censorship, see: Internet censorship in the People's Republic of China. For detail about gfw, see: Golden Shield Project. Not related to censorship, but here's a simplified char i learned today: 拥护 = 擁護. See: 简体/繁體 字表 (Simplified/Traditional Chinese Characters List).It would be great if chinese government would open up. Perhaps it is time to open up more?Btw, if you are a typical american reading this: …

Benoit Mandelbrot died; mandelbrot set

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Amazon Kindle. Read books under the sun. Review Xah Lee, 2010-10-18Benoît Mandelbrot, the mathematician who invented fractals, is dead. (1924-2010) He died of cancer. Aged 85.the mandelbrot set. The mandelbrot set is truely a amazing curiosity. I would rank it top 10 math curiosity in my book. If you only know highschool math, you can get a good explanation at Mandelbrot Set.Let's see what other curiosity or such i consider in top 10 in my personal learnings of math in my life. In no particular order:FractalsFractals, Mandelbrot Set. The amazing part is how such system show self-similarity in such weird way and infinitely deep. Try to ask why.Math ConstantsGolden Ratio Mathematical constant. The nature of π, e, Golden ratio.Golden ratio in a pentagon. These are simple to understand, occurs everywhere almost by magic, and their properties, as well as general nature, are elusiv…

What's List Comprehension and Why is it Considered Harmful?

Perm url with updates:'s List Comprehension and Why is it Harmful?Xah Lee, 2010-10-14This page explains what is List Comprehension (LC), with examples from several languages, with my opinion on why the jargon and concept of “list comprehension” are unnecessary, redundant, and harmful to functional programing.What is List Comprehension?Here's a example of LC in python:S = [2*n for n inrange(0,9) if ( (n % 2) == 0)] print S # prints [0, 4, 8, 12, 16] It generates a list from 0 to 9, then remove the odd numbers by 「( (n % 2) == 0)」, then multiply each element by 2 in 「2*n」, then returns a list.Python's LC syntax has this form: [myExpression for myVar in myList if myPredicateExpression] In summary, it is a special syntax for generating a list, and allows programers to also filter and apply a function to the list, but all done using expressions.In functional notation, list comprehension is doing this: map( f, filter(lis…

Effect of Meth

Perm url with updates: “Effect of Meth” VideosDon't Do It - Georgia Meth Project Now, this one is funny.One comment said: “I clicked because I thought it would show boobs”. Actually, me too. lol.The Effects Of Crystal Meth by Mike Çota This one is even funnier.Nice song too. The song is Elektro (Outwork Mix) By Outwork Feat. Mr. Gee. amazon. Wrong Hole SongWhat's It Gonna Be? (Video)Britney Spears Womanizer Song Parody (video)Shoes (Kelly song)

Professor Victor Mair and 肏 (fuck)

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Amazon Kindle. Read books under the sun. Review Xah Lee, 2010-10-17There's is a guy, named Victor H Mair, a linguist who specialize in Chinese, who also write blogs for the Language Log (a popular blog on linguistics). As i've read Victor's posts, he often attacks China with USA ideology. His posts is offensive to me.Today, he posted a blog (here: Source), and went about his politically covered insults. In the article, it was talking about what'd the best character that represent chinese. (a theme from another article on the web.) The character discussed about is “和”, meaning: peace, harmony, and the conjunction “and”. He attacks it, calling it chinese propaganda, and suggests that the best char should be a made up char meaning noodle. (the char is not in UNICODE, but can be seen here: Biáng biáng noodles)Here's my response, po…

Binaural Tone, I-Doser, Made Me Crazy

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Amazon Kindle. Read books under the sun. Review Xah Lee, 2010-10-17There's a craze that goes by the name of I-Doser. Basically, it's a website, you go and download sound files. (about $3 each) The sound is supposed to have the same effect as drugs, such as opium, ecstasy. Apparently, lots of kids are doing it. Here's a quote from Wikipedia:I-Doser is an application for the playback of proprietary audio content. This separately purchasable content has attracted media attention as it aims to simulate specific mental states through the use of binaural beat technology, and many of the simulations available take their names from prohibited recreational drugs.[1] The I-Doser player has been downloaded more than a million times[2] and is based on the audio technology of a freeware binaural beat generator, SBaGen.[3]Research into the neurologi…