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Operation Payback & Low Orbit Ion Cannon

Discovered Operation Payback. A internet activist group. Recently, they launched attack on those who attacked Wikileak. (See: Wikileak: US Diplomatic Cables Leak.) They DDOS attacked sites of Visa, MasterandCard, Paypal, Amazon, and some government sites. In the past, they've attacked sites such as Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), Warner Brothers, and also Scientology, etc. Typically, big organizations that cracks down on piracy networks. (See: Scientology and Falun Gong)I don't support software piracy. (See: Pirate Bay, Open Source, Free Software, Copyright.) However, in this world, much of it is political struggle. For example, there are 2 politicians B and E. You don't really like B, but you think E is by far the most evil. B is your possible chance to prevent E becoming more powerful. So, in many circumstances, you have to support B. This is in fact how alliances work.Also, orgs like the Operation Payback a…

Harem (Sarah Brightman)

Perm url with updates: (Sarah Brightman)A great exotic song sung by Sarah Brightman.Here's a fashion show “The Arabian 1002th Night Guo Pei Haute” using the song.“The Arabian 1002th Night Guo Pei Haute” Harem , Sarah Brightman mp3 amazondvd amazon Burning sands, winds of desire Mirrored oasis reflect a burning fire Within my heart, unwatered, feeding the flame Welcoming you to my Harem Sing for me a song of life's visage Sing for me a tune of love's mirage Deep desires, sleep untold Whispers that echo the desert of my soul I hold your Eastern promise close to my heart Welcoming you to my Harem Sing for me a song of life's visage Sing for me a tune of love's mirage Time is change, time's fool is man None will escape the passing sands of time I hold your Eastern promise close to my heart Welcoming you to my Harem Here's some pictures from the show.“The Arabian 1002th Night Guo…

Designing a Math Symbols Input System

Perm url with updates: a Math Symbols Input SystemXah Lee, 2010-12-08This article discuss some of my thoughts about the problem of a input system for entering math symbols and special characters.In the past few years, i need to type math symbols a lot in emacs. In some hodgepodge way, i created several custom ways to enter special chars i need in emacs, such as: “” 【】〈 〉 「」 © • ◇ ◆ ★ × α θ λ ← → ⇒ ≠ ∞ etc. The system is hodgepodge, no-where consistent or comprehensive. In the back of my mind, i have this special char input system design problem, that someday i'll think about it and find a way that's efficient and comprehensive for inputing hundreds of special chars math in Unicode. When you need to type a lot special chars, there's a interface design issue, especially in emacs, because there are so many ways to do it.AltGraph Key System vs Abbrev SystemFor example, first is simple method of using a modifer key (…

wikileaks: how sexual harassment happen

The Wikileaks situation is getting out of hand. (See: Wikileak: US Diplomatic Cables Leak) In the past week, they got kicked out by amazon hosting, then paypal, then Mastercard, and Vista card, and the a Swiss bank closed their account. Due to gonvernment's political pressure, mostly from US government. Here's a detailed timeline of the attacks:〈Wikileaks under attack: the definitive timeline〉 (2010-12-16) By Charles Arthur. At: Source can still donate, here:, you can help hosting the site, here: There are currently over 1k mirror sites already.I think Google and Free Software Foundation should step up to make a gesture for hosting.The severity of this government and big org censorship, is kinda a revolution material. We, the people, should stand up against them.Julian Assange Raped Women?〈The Wikileaks sex files: How two one-night stands sparked a worldwide hunt fo…

Manatee, a haskell environment

Andy Stewart, who wrote tens of elisp packages (see his site), started a new project on Haskell called Manatee. We voice chatted on skype for about 50 min on emacs and haskell and programing.Manatee is a OS-like environment for Haskell hacking, currently running on top of linux and GTK+.You can see many screenshots here: Source Or a video of screenshots at Source home page at: Documentation at

Opera browser hotkey idiocy

Discovered, that in Opera, to switch to next/prev tabs in a normal way, you have to press 【Ctrl+F6】 and【Ctrl+Shift+F6】. What a idiocy. (See: Opera Pain; Opera Browser Problems.) Or, in Opera 9.2 or before, press the 1 and 2 keys on the number pad. In Opera 9.5 or later, you have to Enable single-key shortcuts in the preference. (See:, in AutoHotkey, i added these to be consistent with all my hotkeys for browsers. (the / and * on number pad to switch to prev/next tabs.);; Opera hotkeys #IfWinActiveahk_class OperaWindowClass ; close window $Pause::Send ^w ; prev tab $NumpadDiv::Send ^+{F6} ; next tab $NumpadMult::Send ^{F6} See: AutoHotkey Basics and AutoHotkey Example Scripts.Also, after several years of hearing Opera's stupid “mouse gestures”, today i took 5 min to read up what it is. See: Rather idiotic.

Unicode in Mathematica

Perm url with updates: Mathematica does Unicode?Xah Lee, 2010-12-05This page explains some tech detail about how Mathematica uses unicode. This article may not be 100% accurate. I'm putting it up for now after spending a few hours. Am tsill working on it. If you are a Mathematica expert, please comment or correct.Mathematica supports unicode, but does not use Unicode when saving to file. (See: UNICODE Basics: What's Character Encoding, UTF-8, and All That?)Mathematica (mma) files uses ascii only. (See: Mathematica Notebook Technology.)How does it support unicode if it uses only ASCII?Mathematica's Named characters 「\[Name]」It has a set of special characters with the syntax 「\[name]」. For example:GlyphSyntaxé\[EAcute]É\[CapitalEAcute]α\[Alpha]Δ\[CapitalDelta]⊕\[CirclePlus]∵\[Because]∈\[Element]⇔\[Equivalent]ℝ\[DoubleStruckCapitalR]So, when you type 「\[Alpha]」 in mma, it is displayed as “α”. (All builtin symbols in mma star…

another anecdote of emacs power

Another anecdote on the power of emacs.Today, i need to study how Mathematica treats unicode. (See: How Mathematica does Unicode?). In the process, i need to get a file of math unicode symbols. I have a page at Math Symbols in Unicode, but i need just the unicode symbols, not all other content.So, simply copy the whole file content. Then, put that into a file, say 〔math_symbols_unicode.txt〕. Then, delete all asccii chars. This you can do by calling “query-replace-regexp”. (See: Find and Replace with Emacs) For the replace regex, use 「[[:ascii:]]」. For the replacement string, just press Enter for nothing. Then, press ! to replace all.Now, i need a space between each symbol. This is a great job for Emacs keyboard macros. Type 【Ctrl+x(】 to start recording. Then type 【→space】. Then type 【Ctrl+x)】 to end recording. Then, type 【Ctrl+u 999】 (for repeating 999 times the next command), then type 【Alt+x call-last-kbd-macro】. Then, spaces are inserted between each chars.Thanks to Lew Perin for …

Tools to Display Math on Web

Perm url with updates: to Display Math on WebXah Lee, 2010-04-13, 2010-12-04Found 2 tools to write math for the web:FireMath, a MathML Editor for FirefoxFireMath is a MathML editor as a Firefox plugin. Home at: Home at: is an open-source JavaScript display engine for LaTeX and MathML that works in all modern browsers. It was designed with the goal of consolidating the recent advances in web technologies into a single, definitive, math-on-the-web platform supporting the major browsers and operating systems. It requires no setup on the part of the user (no plugins to downlaod or software to install), so the page author can write web documents that include mathematics and be confident that users will be able to view it naturally and easily. One simply includes MathJax and some mathematics in a web page, and MathJax does the rest.MathJax uses web-based fonts (in those browsers that suppo…