browser and url: space in file names

It looks like today's browsers will automatically convert spaces in url to the required precent encoding %20 in your html links or image links. For example, suppose you have this image at 〔 house.jpg〕. Notice the space there. In your html code, you can just do this:

<img src=" house.jpg" alt="my house">

It works in all current version of browsers. It appears that the browsers will encode it for you before sending the HTTP request. e.g. browsers will send GET /i/my%20house.jpg HTTP/1.1.

Of course, by spec, you should encode spaces by %20 in your URI. The common practice today is still not to use any spaces in file names on server. Because this encoding creates a lot complexities. Though, i'm not sure how long this practice will last, because space is just so much easier to type, easier to read, and frequently needed. I wonder, if in a few years, maybe common web practice will use spaces in file names and leave space as is in all url in html.

For some tech discussion, see: Source

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