make emacs understand Unicode 6

There are these unicode symbols

  • 👌 #x1f44c OK HAND SIGN
  • 👍 #x1f44d THUMBS UP SIGN
  • 👎 #x1f44e THUMBS DOWN SIGN

when calling describe-char on them, it doesn't give their names. Is this a bug?

That's because these chars are from Unicode version 6, released in 2010-10.

Unicode 6 added 2088 chars. I don't think there are any fonts that support them yet. However, if you do unicode work, you can add char info to emacs so that “describe-char” will give you all the char's info. You need to download a text file 〔UnicodeData.txt〕. For detail, see: Emacs and Unicode Tips.

(thanks to Jason Rumney and Klaus Straubinger. Source

See also: Unicode 6 Emoticons.

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