new edition of Tilings and Patterns book

Looks like a great out of print book Tiling and Patterns (1986) By Branko Grunbaüm and G C Shaphard, is being republished by Dover. amazon

I'd say this is best math book i've ever read. (technically, i'd put this book in one of the top 10 i've read, because there are quite a lot good math books on various topics and written with different style for different audiences.)

below is some very old articles i wrote, about the book and other math books.

I worked intensively on tilings for about a year in around ~1997. The most mathematical is: The Discontinuous Groups of Rotation and Translation in the Plane, which are linked a lot. It is basically my own learning notes. All images are generated by Mathematica, a package i wrote: Plane Tiling Mathematica Package. I'll be updating it from Mathematica v3 to v7 in next few days. At the time, i wanted to create a most versatile software that generates any type of tilings, decorative patterns, without human intervention. A sort of AI in the spirit of Douglas Hofstadter. (See: Gödel, Escher, Bach amazon) Of course, i didn't get that far. For gallery, see: Geometric Tilings and Patterns Image Gallery.

All these pages are written in late 1990s. Much update needs to be done, on the html and the writing too.

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