New Month Resolution: learn a new lang

Want to learn a new lang in 2011? How about emacs lisp? (See: What is Your Favorite Lisp.)

Instead of a new year's resolution, which often are forgotten after Jan, let's have a resolution just for January.

So, what about setting a short-term goal for learning emacs and elisp? What do you wish to learn in January? Answer these questions. Before you answer, try to have a realistic, low-key goal, that you actually would achieve after Jan. Some of the questions below is about emacs/lisp if you think that's something you'll find helpful.

• Is there a language you wish to learn in Jan?

• What are some things you always wanted to know about emacs/elisp?

• Is it a particular emacs setup that's bugging you for a while?

• Any particular mode, package, you wished to install or know more?

• Do you have a basic understanding of elisp?

• Is it some basic understanding of elisp you always wanted?

• What would be some pratical things that would help in your job?

• How much time you can devote to learning (your choice of new lang or elisp)? (i recommend no more than 30 min a day, but at least every other day. You must stick to this schedule)

• At the end of the month, what would be some things that can concretely measure your effort? (a small set of learning notes? A small program as a project?)

Post your answers below.

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