Opera Turbo Speeds Up Browsing?

Opera Turbo Speeds Up Browsing?

Discovered a feature in Opera 10, the “Opera Turbo”. Basically, it's a feature that makes web browsing faster when using a slow connection. Such claim always piques me, because ultimately such thing is simply impossible. Many tools or plugin claims it are just malware or wrapper-ware that sucks your money. So, how exactly Opera Turbo works? It turns out, it's basically a proxy service feature. If you turn the feature on, and when browsing some slow website, opera browser will past request to a Opera company's server instead, and the Opera Server makes the request to the site you are visting, then, it compress the data then send that back to your browser.

In other words, it's a proxy service, a middleman. So, yes it does make it faster sometimes (assuming that the site you visit doesn't already do compression). The interesting implication is that: ① Opera the company would know the sites you visit. ② you could use it to visit sites that are censored by your company or school.

To turn it on, go to Preferences, “webpages” tab.

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