Theodore Gray, on ebook

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Theodore Gray, on ebook

Xah Lee, 2011-01-26

Theodore Gray, co-founder of Wolfram Research, gives a extremely interesting point of view about electoric books. The video is 33 minutes long, but worth every minute of it.

Theodore Gray, Wolfram Research - Learning Without Frontiers

In first 15 or so min of the vid, he discusses some of his experiences in producing ebook in early 1990s, and also his widely popular project about building a actual wooden table containing all elements in the periodic table. See his websites here: It's enjoyable to see him talk. He's always very funny.

His remarks on the exorbitant prices of text books today also hits the spot.

In later half of the vid, his talk gradually ascended onto the issues of education, electronic books, publishing, and the impact of iPad, ebook's future.

A most enjoyable talk to listen to.

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