Why Humbleness Sells?

hmm... interesting. my facebook page is google ranked at 4. I guess it's good thing for me to be ranked high, though i have little idea why. I guess people google my name and clicks on my facebook page. I got a rep among online programing forums as a troll. I know people are interested in oddball personalities, as in gossip mags on celebrities. Though, i dont write much personal stuff (as in, my current mood, feelings, what i had for dinner, new relationships), partly because writing trivia isn't my style, partly because in past 7 years i don't really have good news on these to brag about. (that reminds me, i'll have to write my 2-years experience living in a Honda Civic around 2005.)

Am guessing that the perception of me as a troll has waned in the past 3 years. I think partly because my emacs tutorial is getting popular, and i haven't written much essays with downright idiot-this n shit-that expressions.

As a thinker, even a nameless one, or possibly crazy idiotic one, i think it's important to write as you are, even with extreme views and insulting words. Because, that is the force of idea, expression, that are not ubiquitous. Sure, politeness is great, in fact critical, and actually necessary if you want to sell yourself, make friends. (e.g. in marketing, advertising, diplomacy, a core ingredient is to make people like you, and cynically — ingratiation.) But if thinking is what you sell, as a philosopher or artist, you have to sell them as is, and best to express them as you are.

Yeah, right! So, Xah, you think you can make a point only if you insulted people. What you take of me, a idiot? Yes, and i just made a new friend. (O, Shakespear says, please remember to read between the lines!)

Now, let's engage in a lil' fun speculation on humbleness from evolutionary psychology's perspective. Why do people despise arrogance? why humbleness sells? Besides selling, what's the effect of humbleness in the quality of work?

I don't know!

PS this blog shouldn't be titled “why humbleness sells”. That's the inaccurate message. Humbleness doesn't sell by itself, of course. Nobody would care more just because a idiot is humble. Rather, “why humbleness is in general a good quality to present onself”. For exmple, some well known celebrities are not shy to express themselves, examples are Stephen Wolfram, Steve Jobs. Others, for example blogger Steve Yegge (of amazon and google), Jeff Atwood (of codinghorror and stackoverflow frame), write conspicuously in a humble way (usually injecting extraneous humble statements or jokes), and they get tens of thousand followers. Political leaders, some are also humble, some cocky.

See also: Self-deprecation. Quote:

Self-deprecating humor relies on the observation of something negative about the person delivering the commentary. Many comedians use self-deprecating humor to avoid seeming arrogant or pompous, and to help the audience identify with them. In this way, the use of self-deprecating humor could be seen as an application of the rhetorical concept of ethos. This is a major component of the comedy of comedians such as Don Knotts, Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Craig Ferguson, Jerry Seinfeld, Rodney Dangerfield, Conan O'Brien, and Daniel Tosh.

Thanks to Lori Williams for some thoughts.

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