Why You Need To Quit Facebook?

Ran into this mockery: “Why I Need To Quit Facebook” @ Source runt-of-the-web.com.

Though, note, that fb and other social media is merely a extension of RL chat or whatever u do around friends or water coolers.

So, when you are with friends in meat space, may it be in party, on phone, or at work place, do you engage in serious intellectual stuff like history, philosophy? Of course not.

In a sense, the article about “why i need quit facebook” mockery is itself just another insignificant thing on the web that “wastes” your time.

Its significance, is alerting us that many of us spend too much time on social media. Though, that itself isn't a problem caused by social media, rather, it is caused by modern society. The internet merely provided you a way to waste time by many means. Without, those who spend too much time on Facebook probably would over-sleep or playing solitaire endlessly (which indeed people do a lot in 1990s). You won't be reading War And Peace or dig into history, philosophy, anytime soon.

Likewise, average human activity been like that for past thousands of years too. Books such as War And Peace existed for over a hundred years, likewise other great literature or philosophy been around for thousands of years. Do average people get excited by them?

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