Xah Emacs Modes; Asking Your Support

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Xah Emacs Modes; Asking Your Support

Xah Lee, 2011-01-13

This page lists emacs codes i've written that's packaged and for public use.

Unicode Related

Language Modes


Asking For Support

Working on my site has become a full-time job since about 2005. If you find my tutorial and packages useful, may i ask for your support?

I sell my elisp packages. They are all Open Source so you are free to customize. Here's some ways you can help me out.

  • Buy one of my packages. On each page, there's a paypal button.
  • Buy your books, computers, keyboard, mouse, gadgets, anything, by going to Amazon from links here. You might try my reviews KeyboardsGaming MousesTrackballBest Input DevicesKindle.
  • Donate. Any amount is appreciated. They add up.
  • You can also help out by blogging about my tutorial.

Thank you very much for reading. Happy emacs lisping!

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