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latest articles from past few days.

not sure it makes much sense to keep mirroring my articles here.

the original motivation to have a blog on blogger instead of just on xahlee.org is partly a experimentation. Because blogger is mainstream blogging and as such it provides many nice features, such as vote widget, and thousands others... basically, you don't need to know even html to have all these features and formats, and you get traffic analysis and everything.

while, my site xahlee.org is manually crafted with emacs with bunch of other tools in Perl,Python, rsync...

it's actually faster to write stuff in my home cooked system. But for everything i haven't done or written code before, i can't do it till i took days to look into it and come up with a solution.

for example, the web feed. With blogger, it's brainless, already there. You don't have to do anything and you have webfeed, comment, and all.

but for my site xahlee.org, i recall it took few days to look into the web feed tech and eventually have written a code in elisp. see: How to Update Webfeed with Emacs LispAtom Webfeed Basics. The comment system also took days to research and finally i used disqus service (which means, insert js code to all my 5k pages) (See: How to Add a Comment System to Website.) Same thing for adding other things such as email/twitter/buzz/fb link, search box... (See: Adding A Google Custome Search Widget.)

and suppose i want to be able to have a voting widget. With blogger, it takes 5 min to look into the widge collection and install it in few click, all done within 3 minutes. Now for my site, it'll take days to research for such a widget, or write my own... ( Xah's PHP TutorialXah's Javascript Tutorial ) .

But for things i've already looked into, it's usually much faster to work with on my site. I can create links, insert inline images, source code with syntax highlight, add entry to web feed, update web feed, all semi-automatically within emacs, that can be done much faster than GUI with blogger. I can update my site site-wide. Say, change style, or add widgets etc to all 5k pages, easily with elisp, perl, python. But that is almost impossible with blogger as far as i know.

the other advantage is that blogger, being a mainstream blogging service, often have different search result behavior even if it the exact same content is on my site. For example, if i wrote a new article, and create both a blogger version and a version on my site at the same time, the blogger version is indexed by Google pretty much instaneously, while my site's version gets indexed in a few days.

also when you Google search, by blogs, the blogger version would show there of course. While the same article on xahlee may not, because i think Google doesn't usually consider pages at xahlee.org as blogs. (which makes perfect sense.) (on the other hand, i think articles on xahlee tend to show up in the long run. I think articles on blog sites quickly get forgotten.)

another good point with blogger is that it is familiar to people. The interface and domain clearly tells people it is a blog. So, for some articles, it is more suitable.

also, based on the past year traffic, i'd say having a blogger mirror of some of my article does increase traffic, when comparing the combined traffic vs just xahlee.org. For some reason, some bots or social media sites will link to my blogger. (in some sense, articles on blog sites are considered hip, as part of the social media movement of late years. It's part of web 2.0. Very few people still write articles manually in html without some content management system.)

another motivation to use blogger originally was that it provides one stop for people who wants to subscribe my 5 or so blogs in different subjects. (though, pretty much just my emacs has sizable readers. (because it's the most professional with a focus. While my programing blog, web dev blog, art, sex, etc are more just unfocused personal thoughts))

but again a problem with putting diverse random subjects in bloggers is that it just become unfocused.

... if you havent done so, you can subscribe to specific subject on my site, at Subscribe To XahLee.org Site Feed.

am kinda undecided on what should be done with blogger... Let me know what you think?

actually, i do have a question. I know for some who choose to subscribe my emacs blog only at xahlee.org because they just want to read about emacs. But i also know some subscribe to xahlee.blogger. I'm wondering, if you are a subscriber of my blogger, is it because of the convience of place to read for all my subjects? or is it because the familarity and convenience of blogger format/interface? Thanks.

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