Google Earth Mouse Navigation and Keys

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Google Earth Mouse Navigation and Keys

Xah Lee, 2011-03-12

Do you find Google Earth's mouse navigation a bit confusing? This page explains.

Mouse Navigation

  • mouse wheel = zoom
  • Left mouse button = pan
  • Middle mouse button = rotate & tilt
  • Right mouse button = smart auto zoom, rotate, tilt. (up/down = zoom ◇ left right = rotate ◇ close to the surface = auto tilt)

By Keyboard

  • Zoom = PgUp, PgDn
  • Pan = , , ,
  • Rotate = 【Shift+】, 【Shift+
  • Tilt = 【Shift+】, 【Shift+

Holding down Alt before doing the above will make the steps smaller.

Extra for Control Freaks

  • tilt camera = 【Ctrl+】 and 【Ctrl+
  • rotate camera = 【Ctrl+】 and 【Ctrl+】 (camera is rotated around a axis from earth center to your camera)

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