HTML5 “figure” & “figurecaption” Tags Browser Support

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HTML5 “figure” & “figurecaption” Tags Browser Support

Xah Lee, 2011-03-24

html5 has a nice “figure” and “figurecaption” tags, for images. Like this:

<img src="../i/lilies-s.png" alt="lilies" width="167" height="106">

Test if you browser support it here: html5 figure figurecaption test page.

Of all latest publically released browsers as of today (2011-03-24), Safari (5.0.4) and Opera (11.01) doesn't support it. Google Chrome (10.0.648.151), Firefox 4.0, IE9, all support it. You can tell because the caption should be rendered beneath the image, not to the right of it.

It's odd that Google Chrome and Safari both runs WebKit engine but behavior is different.

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