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Sugababes - Round Round

Xah Lee, 2011-03-09

A fantastic dance-pop eletronica song. Heard it first from a home recorded sex tape's background music. 〔〕

Sugababes - Round Round.

Title: Round Round
Date: 2002
Singer: Mutya Buena, Heidi Range, Keisha Buchanan (Sugababes)

Here's the lyrics.

 Round, round baby round, round
 Spend the night on me
 I don't need no man
 Got my kicks for free
 Realise the vibe gonna be down low (?)

I don't need nobody got my honeys
When I go round, baby round round
Spend the night on me
I don't need no man
Got my kicks for free

When you stare in my face
You're messing with my brain
If you're trying to convince me
Then you better think again
If you move to the music
The music's got to give
If its too complicated
That's the way I want to live

If you hate me
I will show you
How to break me
Into something new
If you want me
Run away now
If you stop me
Then I'll hit the ground
(Can we go, here we go)


When I go

Explanations - no you don't need one
Having a good time
Getting down to the fun
And it's your time
Just tonight he'll be mine
And he's gone

People moving, bodies grooving
Never ending
Place is moving
(Don't you worry 'bout a thing all you need is off your sting)
All my girls are here with me
Worry now they've got their need
(Do you feel me, do you feel me, do you feel me, do you feel me)


Does it hurt, when you see
How I've done
Without you
Thought that I could belong
Never thought that you could be so cruel
All you need is some friends
Won't be by yourself
Let's go round and round and round and round and round


“Sugababes - Round Round” music video. Mutya Buena (the goth with 2 braids), Keisha Buchanan (the black girl), Heidi Range (the blonde)

There are about 2 lines in the lyrics i'm not sure i got correct. All web searchs turns up the same content farm spam. Is there a official print of the lyrics somewhere? If you know the correct lyric, please comment. Thanks.

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