W3C HTML Validator Invalid

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W3C HTML Validator Invalid

Xah Lee, 2011-03-15

The W3C HTML Validator is getting annoying.

Missing Open Tag as Valid

If you have a page without a opening “body” tag, but does have a closing one, W3 HTML validation report it as valid.

Maybe it's technically valid, but quite annoying.

Test page: W3 HTML Validation Problem: No Open Body.

XHTML Style “<br />” Tag as Valid HTML4

Another problem is that, if you use the XHTML style tag such as <br />, it's also reported as valid. W3C only gives a warning. However, this is technically invalid.

Test page: W3 HTML Validation Problem: Slash End Tag.

With this situation, at this point, you wonder what's validator supposed to be anymore.