xah's log: refactoring my .emacs

Spent the past 5 hours refactoring elisp code in my .emacs. Not exactly thrilled. it's the kinda work that has no immediate benefit, but potentially disruptive. The software proverb goes: “if it ain't broken, don't fix it.”.

I'd say it's only half complete. But am tired of it at this (point). Actually, about every 4 months in past 4 years i spend several hours refactoring stuff there. (not counting the time adding stuff there) As the functions pile up, more time went into it. As my elisp kungfu increases, more is there to be refactored.

well, today, most work done is to replace “thing-at-point” by get-selection-or-unit. But alone the way, saw old code, and can't help to clean it.

Though, my strategy towards “.emacs” is still basically “don't bother unless you absolutely have to”. Organize Your “dot emacs” Init File in 5 Minutes.

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