Emacs Bug: using universal argument to insert a unicode char with key defined by “key-translation-map” creates error and disables undo

Emacs Bug: C-u & key-translation-map disables undo.

This seems like a bug. Steps to reproduce:

  • Start GNU Emacs 23.2 with “-Q”. (so it doesn't load any custome init files.)
  • Evaluate this: (define-key key-translation-map (kbd "M--") (kbd "─")) (it lets you press 【Alt+-】 to insert a unicode char “BOX DRAWINGS LIGHT HORIZONTAL” (U+2500).)
  • Open a new buffer.
  • Type 【C-u 30 M--】. (insert the char 30 times.)
  • You get this error: universal-argument-other-key: Args out of range: " ─", 0, 7
  • Now, do Type 【C-u 30 M--】 again. This time, no problem.
  • The worst problem is this: Now, when you try to undo, emacs says “No further undo information”.

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