Looking For a Tool for HTML/XML Validation

Looking For a Tool for HTML/XML Validation

In Firefox, there's a Extension called “Html Validator”. It adds a little indicator icon at the bottom right corner of your window. When a page you visit isn't valid, it lights up. You can click on it to see the errors. The really important feature of this extension is that it does not make a connection to w3c's validator. The same validating SGML parser used by w3c is bundled. This means, it validate any local html files. (this is most important use for me, as i do web dev with manually coded html files. Each time i preview my html in browser, i can also know whether it has html errors.)

Is there anything similar in Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, or even IE9? As far as i checked in the past years, all other validator i've seen simply send the current url to w3c's validator site.

I'm looking for a *local* tool to validate html. Command line program that can do batch checking will be best. In the past years i've spent a few hours with “html tidy”, and i don't think it's a solution for me, because i have problems using it to check missing tags. I don't need any cleaning up of my source file. All i want is it to tell me if i have missing tags or mis-matched tags, and tell me the line number. (if you really think Tidy does the job, please let me know the exact options. Again, all i need is for it to tell me any missing tags or mis-matched tags.)


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