all ways to insert special symbols in emacs

All Ways to Insert Special Symbols in Emacs

Thanks to Uriel Frisch for $15 for purchasing my emacs tutorial. (See: donation.)

Uriel asked about how to enter accented letters with emacs. Here's some relevant articles.

On mac, you can enter accented letter with the Option key. See: Mac OS X Keyboard Viewer and Unicode. You can also change a config file so the keys type any unicode you want. See: Creating Keyboard Layout in Mac OS X. The above solutions are system-wide for the Mac.

For Windows, there's AutoHotkey and some other tools. See: Windows Programing: AutoHotkey TutorialKeyboard Layout & Key Macro tools for Windows.

For within emacs, here are also several solutions. Emacs support entering common accented letter and symbols by default. See: Emacs and Unicode Tips. Again, you can also create your custome keys to enter any unicode symbol. If you want custome symbols or keys, see:

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