Functional Programing: stop using recursion, cons. Use map & vectors

Functional Programing: stop using recursion, cons. Use map & vectors

This is important but i think most lispers and functional programers still don't know it.

See: Guy Steele on Parallel Programing.

Lists (as cons, car, cdr) in the lisp world has always been some kinda cult. Like, if you are showing some code example and you happened to use lisp vector datatype and not cons (lists) and it doesn't really matter in your case, but some lisper will always rise up to bug you, either as innocent curious question or attacking you for not “understanding” lisp. (just as other idiocies happen in other lang that lispers see but other langs don't see)

It's interesting to me that all other high level langs: Mathematica, perl, python, php, javascript, all don't have linked list as lisp's list. It's also curious that somehow lispers never realises this. I've been having problems with lisp's cons ever since i'm learning Scheme Lisp in 1998 (but mostly the reason is language design at syntax and lack of abstraction level in calling “cons, car, cdr” stuff, without indexing mechanism). Realizing the algorithmic property and parallel-execution issues of linked list is only recent years.

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