How Does Keybinding Works in Gnome?

How Does Keybinding Works in Gnome?

Ok, i need some help to get me quickly started on modefiying keybindings in Ubuntu Linux (11.04) running Gnome.

I don't have much linux expertise, but unix. However, my unix know-how is old school, command-line only, 10 years old, and i don't even use X11 back then.

With linux today, there's a few layers i think. Used to be, when you boot unix, you type startx if you want to start X11. Then, you can use xmodmap to modify your keys. Even that i haven't done much with it except running this file dvorakKeymap.txt which i got somewhere.

The 2 GUI apps i explored from the system pref panel: “gnome-keybinding-properties” and “gnome-keyboard-properties” don't seem to be able to do what i want.

So, here's my questions.

• I want the Menu key (aka App key) to be Hyper. How to do that?

• In emacs 23 with -Q, the Menu key is execute-extended-command. I'm not sure how it became that. Any idea? I want caps lock to be execute-extended-command. Is that possible in X11+Gnome+emacs? or do i need some other util?

• According to the keyboard layout display, Gnome says my Win key is Super and Caps Lock is Hyper, but in emacs 23 -Q, emacs reports both to be Hyper. The gnome-keybinding-properties is kinda confusing. According to its GUI, it doesn't seem possible to set Caps Lock, or Win, Menu, independently.

• How to change the Win key to Super or Hyper?

• Is it possible to define app-specific key macros? For example, i want the substract (-) key on keypad to type Ctrl+w (close tap) in Firefox, and the / and * keys to be 【Ctrl+PageUp】 (prev tab) and 【Ctrl+PageDn】 (next tap). (i know this is possible by modding Firefox config files, but i want general X11 mechanism because i need to do this for other apps.)

• It seems gnome save key config files in 〔/home/ubuntu/.gconf/apps〕 and 〔/home/ubuntu/.gnome2〕, but there's bewildering number of files there. Is there a documentation somewhere? (am interested at least for the key config part generated by the gnome keybinding apps. The Help documentation stops at gradma level. 「man gnome-keybinding-properties」 doesn't return anything.)

Also, are these gnome apps (gnome-keybinding-properties, gnome-keyboard-properties) working on top of x11's xmodmap or something independent? I don't see any X11 config file in my home dir at all.

any tip, or pointer to quickly understand how key works in linux today would be appreciated. thanks.


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