Logitech Mouse with Spinning Flywheel

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Logitech Mouse with Spinning Flywheel

Xah Lee, 2011-05-29

Discovered a mouse with spinning wheels.

Its wheel has 2 modes. Freespin vs Notched. The wheel actually is designed differently. The wheel is made of solid metal (so it's heavy), so it can spin with momentum like a flywheel. In spin mode, it can keep spinning for a few secs. Neat!

The mouse is made by Logitech. They have a few models with this wheel, all wireless:

  • “Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX” (full sized; overall symmetric) amazon
  • “Logitech VX Revolution mouse” (smaller; laptop use) amazon
  • “Logitech Performance Mouse MX” (full sized; for right hand; rechargeable) amazon
logitech anywhere mouse mx-s

“Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX” amazon

logitech mouse mx-s

“Logitech Performance Mouse MX” amazon

Also interesting is that these days the transceiver (the usb) size is no bigger than a penny. My wireless mouse, of 2004 era, the transceiver is as big as the mouse itself.

Also, some of them has a zoom slider on the mouse. From reading their marketing material, i realized that zoom is important not just browsing web, but i guess these days, viewing photos collections is a frequent activity. (This realization answered a question i had recently, see: Keyboard Evolution: Zoom Button, Dedicated Keys.)

Their cheapest one, a wireless one, is only $12 ! “Logitech V220 Cordless Optical Mouse” amazon. I remember i got my wireless mouse around 2005 for like $50.

While reading about Logitech mouses, i discovered, that a discontinued product but loved by people, the “MX Revolution” amazon is going at above $200 on amazon now. This is the demand-n-supply theory at work. Same thing happened with the long-discontinued Microsoft Trackball Explorer, that you can see going for $200 or more on ebay or amazon. (See: Best Trackball Mouse.) The MX Revolution has a second scroll wheel on the side. I think i'd love that.

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