emacs lisp util; benefits of compiling your elisp code

Spend 6 hours in past 2 days to clean up my custom emacs init files.

Turns out there is just a lot to clean. I have 6.5k lines. (not counting elisp libs.) Most of my custom elisp code has to do with html for my website.

A compiled elisp code will load ~6 times faster, AND run ~6 times faster. But also, i realized it's good to compile your lisp code because it'll tell you errors such as using free variable (that is, you are using a var that you forgot to put inside “let”). I found ~5 instances of leaked vars. Surprising, it'll also tell you that you are using “equal” with only one argument. Normal loading of code won't tell you that.

Now there are sizable number of utils you might grab. Get at: Xah Lee's Emacs Customization Files.

See also: Organize Your “dot emacs” Init File in 5 Minutes.

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