Browser Support of HTML “q” Tag for Quotation

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Browser Support of HTML “q” Tag for Quotation

Xah Lee, 2011-06-29

There's a “q” tag in html, like this: <q>something</q>. This tag is in html4 and also html5. It is supposed to be a short inline quote, such as a sentence. Browsers are supposed to render it with a “curly quotation marks” wrapped around it.

Test your browser here: Test Page of HTML “q” Tag.

As of today (2011-06-29), all latest public version of major browsers on Windows support it. i.e. Firefox 5, Chrome 12.0.x, IE9 9.0.8112, Safari 5.0.5, Opera 11.1.

Though, it's funny that in Chrome and Safari (both using the WebKit engine), it uses straight double quotes, not curly quotes.

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