ErgoEmacs and Windows VirtualStore

ErgoEmacs and Windows VirtualStore

In Windows 7, ErgoEmacs will recognize files in the VirtualStore location.

that means, if you want to modify some files in 〔c:/Program Files/〕 such as

C:/Program Files (x86)/ErgoEmacs/ergoemacs/init_load_packages.el

you can do so without having to edit the file as admin.

Windows 7 will create the virtual file at %homepath%/AppData/Local/VirtualStore/

and when ErgoEmacs is relaunched, it'll recognize the ones in virtualstore location.

am not sure if this is due to gnu emacs 23.x change or something changed from Windows Vista to 7. (if anyone know, it'd be greate to know for curiosity. Post! After 2 years, am still Windows newb. lol.)

See also: Windows Vista VirtualStore ProblemWindows Environment VariablesUsing PowerShell to Manage Environment Variables.

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