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Google Chrome Installed Location: New Era of Software Install Structure?

It's odd that Chrome is no longer installed under “Program Files” on Windows.

  • On my Windows Vista, it was installed at 〔C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe〕.
  • On my Windows 7, today, it is installed at 〔C:\Users\xah\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe〕

Perhaps, due to Google Chrome's philosophy of frequent update, putting it under AppData gets around many admin privilege problems. If so, this may signify some movement about software install location structure.

Notice that the new location is in a personal directory. That means, each user each will have their own copy of Chrome. Thinking in a traditional way, this means less disk use efficiency. But note that Chrome also integrates its own Adobe Flash. If you think about it, disk space is today never used up, at least not for the storage of software. (it is used up by video files, which are few hundred times more each.) So, multiple copies of a software ok. Also, putting the software for each user avoids many complexities developed by OS over the past decades for managing that. (e.g. Windows Registry, and Mac uses Application bundle, and unix's ancient ways of {“/usr/bin”, “/usr/sbin”, “/usr/share”, “/lib”, “/usr/local/bin”, “/etc/man”, “/etc/share”, “~/bin”}.)

See also: Software Dependency Complexity.

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