Secure Deletion, File Shredding, on Windows, Linux, Mac

Updated: List of Great Windows and Mac Software.

Just discovered that Windows since XP comes with a command-line tool called “cipher”, which can be used to securely delete files. Shit. Why am i not told about this? I spent several hours when i need to do that in 2010. Updated: Secure Deletion, File Shredding, on Windows, Linux, Mac.

Question: What tools i can use to monitor network traffic? either build-in or 3rd-party. I like to have a graph view (e.g. as in Task Manager) but also nice are tool that lets me know detail, such as what IP/port that's incoming/outgoing. Command line is fine. Or even some tutorial. Thanks.

2011-06-28 Answer: start “Task Manager” (taskmgr.exe), then “Performance” tab, then “Resource Monitor …” (perfmon.exe). Or, just start “perfmon.exe”, then click on the “Open Resource Monitor”.

You can also use command line “netstat”. Or, if you want to sniff packets, install Wireshark.

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