Visual Art: Misc Watercolors

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Visual Art: Misc Watercolors

Xah Lee, 2011-06-25

Some misc watercolors. I love watercolors. (actually probably none of the following are watercolors, but oh well.)

lokman ga 080924 l

“lokman ga 080924” (2008-09) By Lokman Lam. Source

Colorless by asuka111

“Colorless” By Patipat Asavasena (aka asuka111) (b1984) Source

Gia by WarrenLouw

“Gia” by WarrenLouw. Done in Photoshop. Source

James Jean, Sink

“Sink” (2006) By James Jean. (b1979) Source

2011-06-25 thanks to Adolfo Benedetti for helping identify a artwork.

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