Windows Logo Key Keyboard Shortcuts

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Windows Logo Key Keyboard Shortcuts

Xah Lee, 2011-06-21

This page lists all Windows logo key shortcuts that works in Windows 7. if it doesn't work in Windows 7, it's not listed here.

In general, any key combo with the Win key is a global keyboard shortcut. Key combo that start with the Menu key (aka “Application key”) is supposed to be application specific, but that never caught on.

Introduced in Windows XP

  • Win+B】 Select the first icon in the Notification Area.
  • Win+D】 Show the desktop, or restore hidden programs when pressed a second time.
  • Win+E】 Open Windows Explorer (view folders).
  • Win+F】 Open Windows Search.
  • Win+Ctrl+F】 Open Search for Computers. Requires Active Directory Domain Services.
  • Win+F1】Open Windows Help.
  • Win+L】 Lock desktop or switch users.
  • Win+M】 Minimize all windows.
  • Win+Shift+M】 Restore windows that were minimized with 【Win+M】.
  • Win+R】 Open the Run dialog.
  • Win+U】 Run the Utility Manager, known as “Ease of Access” in later versions of Windows.
  • Win+Pause】 Open System Properties.

Introduced in Windows XP Media Center Edition

  • Win+Alt+Enter】 Start Windows Media Center interface.

Introduced in Windows Vista

  • Win+G】 Cycle Windows gadgets.
  • Win+Spacebar】 to show the Windows Sidebar. Replaced with Aero Peek in Windows 7, as the Windows Sidebar was discontinued.
  • Win+X】 Enter the Windows Mobility Center. Works only if portable computer features are installed.
  • Win+Tab】 Switch windows with Aero Flip 3D. (desktop composition must be turned on)
  • Win+Ctrl+Tab】 Switch windows using sticky Aero Flip 3D.
  • Win+1】, 【Win+2】, … 【Win+0】 Launch app on the Quicklaunch bar. In Windows 7, these runs the apps pinned to the taskbar.

Introduced in Windows 7

  • Win+Home】 Toggle hide all other windows.
  • Win+Spacebar】 View desktop. (activate Aero Peek).
  • Win+P】 Choose a presentation display mode (set screen to clone on 2nd monitor, etc.).
  • Win+】 Maximize current window.
  • Win+】 Restore current window's default window size.
  • Win+Shift+】 Maximize current window vertically.
  • Win+Shift+】 Restore current window vertically, or minimize window.
  • Win+】 or 【Win+】 Align the window to the side of the screen, maximizing it vertically.
  • Win+Shift+】 or 【Win+Shift+】 Move the window to the next or previous monitor, if multiple monitors are used
  • Win+T】 Iterate through items on the taskbar.
  • Win++】 Zoom-in screen. 【Win+-】 Zoom-out screen. 【Win+Esc】 Cancel magnification.
  • Win+1】, 【Win+2】, … 【Win+0】 to run or activate the corresponding programs in the taskbar.
  • Win+Shift+1】 … start a new instance of the app on taskbar.

Alphabetic List

  • Win+a】 ∅
  • Win+b】 Put focus on Notification Area.
  • Win+c】 ∅
  • Win+d】 Toggle show desktop.
  • Win+e】 Windows Explorer (view desktop)
  • Win+f】 Windows Search.
  • Win+g】 Desktop gadgets.
  • Win+h】 ∅
  • Win+i】 ∅
  • Win+j】 ∅
  • Win+k】 ∅
  • Win+l】 Lock desktop.
  • Win+m】 Minimize all windows.
  • Win+n】 ∅
  • Win+o】 ∅
  • Win+p】 display and projector toggle.
  • Win+q】 ∅
  • Win+r】 Run dialog.
  • Win+s】 ∅
  • Win+t】 Put focus on the Taskbar
  • Win+u】 Ease of Access
  • Win+v】 ∅
  • Win+w】 ∅
  • Win+x】 Windows Mobility Center.
  • Win+y】 ∅
  • Win+z】 ∅


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