Perl, Unicode, Unicode 6 Fonts

Perl, Unicode, Unicode 6 Fonts

3 Bleeding-edge perl articles on unicode.

  • Perl Unicode Essentials (2011-07-26) By Tom Christiansen. @
  • Unicode in Perl Regexes (2011-07-26) By Tom Christiansen. @
  • Unicode Support Shootout: The Good, The Bad, & the (mostly) Ugly (2011-07-26) By Tom Christiansen. @

According to one of the article above, at least one of them is inspired from this stackoverflow question: Why does modern Perl avoid UTF-8 by default? Source

Also, checkout

It contain font for some unicode 6 glyphs and lots of others that won't be in normal so-called unicode fonts. For example and explanation of some of these glyphs, see: Unicode 6 Emoticons. For overall best unicode fonts, see: Best Fonts for Unicode.

2011-07-29 Thanks to Andrew Kirkpatrick.

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