Test your English vocabulary size

Test your English Vocabulary Size

A very nice vocabulary testing page. Test your vocabulary here: http://testyourvocab.com/.

There are 3 pages, but actually just 2 pages of testing. (the 3rd page is optional survey on Age, Gender, etc.) Be sure to take 10 minutes for the test. And, be honest. Don't check if you are not certain about the word's meanings.

After you've done the test, it'll give you a score, which is a estimate of how many words you know. My score, turns out to be 24.5k words (second time 26.3k). This score is actually below average english-speaking adults, according to their survey. Quote:

Based on over 8,000 participations so far, we've got some initial statistics already. Most adults fall in the range 20,000–35,000, with the exact median score being 27,123 words.

I went thru the list carefully. The first page is trivial, the hard ones are in second page. On second page, almost none of the words in the last column i know of. But most others i've seen, half of it i forgot what it means without context. Those i didn't check-mark.

I was rather surprised by my below-average score, since i have 2 decades obsession with vocabulary size. From my experience, my vocabulary size is probably average, or slight above college educated adults. I'm guessing, most people simply put a check-mark on words they think they know, but actually is wrong. If the test actually give a multiple-choice question for each word, am sure the score will be much lower.

See also, collection of about 5k words with usage examples. Wordy English — the Making of Belles-Lettres

Take the test, and comment to let me know what you think of it!

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