Accosted By a Sexy Anonymous

Accosted By a Sexy Anonymous

got this comment the other day:

Anonymous said:

Bro you are a god among. I love you. Meet me and we can have RL sexy times.

Xah Lee said:

r u a sexy anonymous?

Anonymous said:

Perhaps… Why don't you see for yourself? I will be at the corner of W El Camino and W El Monte Ave, at the McDonalds today at 4pm our time. Just so you can find me, I have blonde hair and blue eyes and am 5'11. I will be wearing a white halter top.

see comment at:

am i axing a big opportunity?

Note she mentioned blue eyes and blonde hair. That's my achilles's heel as i've blogged here and there. And she pinpointed the locality, and she might be local. She must've read maybe alot bout me. But i don't know anything about her. Is this a joke? or is she a real fan?

what would you do?

To the sexy anonymous if you are reading this: yeah i still want sex. But what is it you want?

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