Open Source = Power To the People?

Open Source = Power to the People?

Recently discovered a communism expert Catherine A Fitzpatrick. In the following article, she criticizes open source movement:

One part that caught my eye. Quote:

• those proclaiming they have liberated content or put the free tools into the workers' hands have merely commodified relationships and driven companies relentlessly to having to sell ads or sell lists of people to data mine — ultimately technocommunism subverts and perverts what it invades with lies about being for the public's good, and harms the public interest.

So, indeed, with the great success of open source, comes today's situation that every page is plastered with ads. Even many hard core tech geeking programers, put Google Ads on their personal home pages that offer their free software. Ten years ago, it is unthinkable act. They are the very people who hate ads and commercialism to the extreme. Yet, for vast majority of these tech geeker's personal sites, they make perhaps $1 a month. (a rough calculation is 1k page view = $0.1.) The main benefits are of course the big companies running the ads, e.g. Google and Facebook. Open Source is Power to the people?

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