Perl Expert Randal Schwartz = Fun Chatty Fellow

Linux Outlaws - Interview with Randal Schwartz

Randal Schwartz, the perl expert, is caught on video in this interview.

A very fun, chatty interview. Randal tells you how much you'd make if you write a successful O'Reilly book, and on Perl 6, singing in karaoke, attending tech conferences and his record of free pass for ~15 years, his visit to Stonehenge (Randal's company is and much more.

The interview is informal, more or less random chat among 3 geeks, which you get to know Randal the person.

The hosts are Fabian A Scherschel (the German guy drinking beer) and Dan Lynch (UK guy, on voice only). They run Linux Outlaws, which publishes podcast on linux and tech.

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