Third Person Writing for Author Profile

On Google+ i do hate those who write their own profile in third person. Like:

Dr. Xah Lee is professor of philology at University of Bovine. He is a renowned programer and philosopher. He has helped tens of thousand people to better themselves. He has won several awards, and is a recipient of Noble Prize. He is also SEO of Grandiloquence International. He is nominated as the Savior of the Year 2020.

Rule: If you write it yourself, don't third person it.

If anyone doesn't know, vast majority of such, actually i think all of it, in book covers, journal article intro, etc, are written by the person himself. I haven't researched the history of this practice per se, but this convention established precisely for the purpose to make it sound neutral and true, and they do that to sell the journal/book. In short, it's a marketing gimmick!

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