What Your Google Plus Stradegy Should Be?

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What Your Google Plus Stradegy Should Be?

Xah Lee, 2011-08-04

am wondering what's my g+ strategy should be here. g+ is already sucking like 5 hours per day for me in past weeks. Should reduce. Anyhow, i wonder if i should post random or what…

normally, my posts are tightly controlled. e.g. 1 per 3 hours or such, selected article, dense. (never any shit such as cat pics or whatnot)

but seeing lots of others especially those bigshots with thousands of followers, i think the vast majority use social network for cat pics, random chat.

then, the other large group is SEO/Marketing scumbags. e.g. boing boing is a good example. They are basically enhanced cat pics type.

Normally, i wouldn't post even this, because, who the fuck cares? think of human history, who the fuck care what the fuck some currently popular company created a fucking so-called “social network” that each person can post and on the question of “to cat pics or not”.

In general, with respect to human animal history, are most my writings is supposed to be, however trite my thoughts may be.

on the other hand, i get jealous. These fucking idiotic sites all like becoming the $top$ sites. (prime example is facebook, which started more or less as girls pics site. Then, there's 4chan.)

on social network, esp tweeter and g+, everyone fucking one is CEO this or big writer that. I think, that implicitly, it has created a competition spirit. Everyone's putting on makeup to make themselves look bloated. And the whole thing is rather extremely shallow. 3 tips you must know, 5 ways to get more followers, 7 missions you must do in life, my ass. But those are the most popular titles.

these marketing, startup, human animal scumbags. But that's what human animals want really. Even myself, i'm more inclined to click if a title sounds important or lurid. For those who really want depth, there's collections of math journals and history journals and philosophy journals, volumes of it, in the library or at google books.

another thing annoyed me is that google recently introduced its 1+ shit. You see, i'm thinking of putting it on my site, but i don't want to. On one hand, i should because it helps marketing. e.g. people can 1+ your articles, and google will rank it higher. You lose if you don't because every goddamn stupid sites, plastered with ads, have that. But, i find the idea rather irrelevant and intrusive to readers. It's not something i want the web to become, if it has not already. You know, like today site's are plastered with tens of these “like”, “add”, “spread me” widgets, who's sole effect is really to benefit the Facebook and other social networking sites and marketing shit, and i think in fact overall detrimental in ranking article/site's quality.

if you are in the SEO/Marketing circle, you know that one common advise is to engage your readers. Like, at the end, ask your readers what they think. Ask them to comment, or subscribe, explicitly. It all makes sense, because it's tried and true, and in accordance to human psychology studies too. It's called reaching out.

Though, am not sure about that. Imagine Aristotle, Plato, Jane Austen, Leo Tolstoy, Emily Dickinson, …, are they like, suppose to, prostitute their writings by adding a “please let me know what you think?”.

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