Xah's Programing Language Tutorials

Xah's Programing Language Tutorials

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For those of you programers, i write tutorials for several computer languages, Usually i cover only the basics, with lots examples, and without any “engineering” or “computer science” talk. I want it that way so that programers can quickly learn the language as it is. Like, if you type THIS, then THAT will happen on your computer.

few decades ago, programers can know it all. But today, like most sciences, programing has branched into hundreds of specialized fields and tens of general purposes computer languages, all widely used.

If you want to learn the lang, please give my tutorial a shot. Let me know what you think.

of the following tutorials, the Emacs Lisp is the best. Most in depth and comprehensive, and no commercial book comes close in either aspect, except Lisp Manual.

Xah Emacs Lisp Tutorial

Perl am quite a expert, but my tutorial of it really doesn't cover that much, but covers more for python, even though i haven't coded python professionally.

Xah's Perl & Python Tutorial

Xah's Javascript Tutorial

Xah's Java Tutorial

The HTML CSS tutorial is good for you to pickup. The language are really trivial, but they are most about tips and tricks.

Xah's Web Dev Tutorial (HTML, CSS, javascript)

I haven't really picked up OCaml, but this tutorial in my opnion gives you a functional understanding (in the approach i mentioned before), better than other tutorials i know of, because they always talk about currying and other jargons in some computer science way, half of them they don't really understand.

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