Emacs Quiz of the Day: replace-html-entities

Write a function “replace-html-entities”. If there is a text selection, work on the selection. Else, work on the current paragraph (defined by 2 line breaks)

Replace all named html entities such as © to ©. (see entity list here: HTML/XML Entities List.)

i'll post a answer on Monday.

If you are new to elisp, the following articles will be helpful. One of the article basically spills out the solution.

Note: for those who know elisp well, your command should also replace all entities in decimal form (e.g. ©) or hexadecimal form ©. There's a tricky part in this problem. Your code should not introduce extraneous transformation. For example, suppose the input file discusses HTML language, and it has this text in it: &copy&#59;. It should not become ©.

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