Why Doesn't Google Chrome Cache YouTube Videos?

being a efficiency nerd, i have this unhealthy obsession about the efficiency of internet bandwidth use.

for example, if i'm watching a youtube video, and if it so happens that i don't want to watch it anymore, i usually take the trouble of right-click and stop downloading, even i still want to stay on the page (say, reading the comments), as some kinda sense to reduce “waste”. (even though my internet bandwidth is fast, unlimited, and far underused)

as another example, when the tech of live audio broadcasting thru internet (aka internet radio) started to show up in ~1999, where people can listen to it just like radio, like, leaving it on all the time, my thought was that, “O my fucking god, who invented such a thing that is extremely inconsiderate in using resources”.

of course, i know that these are extremely silly concerns, but i simply just have it in me, and continuously trying to brush such idiotic thoughts away. (i should know, cuz i wrote a ton despising those “hacker” coders who habitually diddle their code for the “idiom” fuck, thinking that they'd squeeze a few cpu cycle out of it, e.g. in particular, the perl mongers peddles this idea, which i think died out gradually starting in ~2001 to ~2005.)

but anyway, i have a question, which prompted me to write this. When you watch a youtube video, after you finished watching, sometimes you went to watch others or do something but happened to land on the same page and want to watch it again. I'd thought that Google Chrome would have cached the video, so it doesn't have to re-download the 30 or so megabytes again. But apparently, it doesn't seem to be the case, because you can see the downloading progression bar going. Why's that? Is Chrome's behavior dependent on your net speed or it does always re-download? I can't figure why it won't cache.

Source plus.google.com

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