xah lee blogs and what you like to see?

Xah Lee Blogs and What You Like to See?

Recently on g+ i asked where people know me from and what they like me to post on g+. (See: Source plus.google.com) One conversation leads to the fact that some people don't know i have webfeed of separate topics. So, here's a Reminder, and a poll.

If many subjects in my blog are not interesting to you, you can subscribe to individual topics, e.g. emacs only, programing only, math only, arts only, etc, at this page: Subscribe to XahLee.org Site Feed.

This blog at xahlee.blogspot.com is a aggregate of all, but except english vocabulary subject, which you can subscribe at wordy-english.blogspot.com.

am also on g+, twitter, facebook. In these places, i post links to new articles, and selected old articles few times a day. Also random chat (mostly on g+).

if you like my articles, please retweet or tell friends. Thanks for helping.

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