Emacs Bug: “isearch-forward” Doesn't Respect New Value of “case-fold-search” When Repeating Last Search

Steps to reproduce:

  • Start emacs 23.2 (emacs -Q)
  • Create a file with this content: “myList”.
  • Call “toggle-case-fold-search” until it is disabled.
  • Call “isearch-forward” 【Ctrl+s】 and search for “mylist”.
  • Emacs won't find it. This is expected.
  • Now, call “toggle-case-fold-search” so it is enabled.
  • Press 【Ctrl+s】 twice to search “mylist” again.
  • Expected behavior is for emacs to find the word “myList”, but it doesn't. Calling “isearch-forward” and typing the word “mylist” again works.

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